Selling Yourself

The ability to sell yourself in a multitude of situations is a super power that each of us can develop.‚  Observing high level executives, “players”, entrepreneurs and others has shown me that sales skills are enormously important. Want to be able to consistently close big business deals? You need to be a good seller.‚  Want to consistently land hot girls/boys? You need to sell yourself well.‚  Want to find business partners? You need to sell yourself and your ideas.

Growing up, I disdained salespeople as I perceived them to be shallow and lacking in intellectual weight.‚  Part of this is due to what I saw of my father, a pastor, who lacked substance and only cared about what people thought of him.‚  Most of my life I have solely focused on developing real substance in each area (mental, physical, emotional) to the exclusion of presentation.‚  I have a poor haircut, don’t dress well and don’t think about how articulate I sound.‚  Ignoring sales skills has limited my career, the women I have dated, and probably even the friends that I have.‚  Giant mistake.

I am now playing catch up on the sales game.‚  Learning how to sell myself without‚  being overbearing or bragging is difficult, but I’m working on it.‚  Some people have focused on this their whole life and are far ahead of me, but I will try to learn to sell myself better.

How can you learn to sell yourself better?‚  I have picked up some tricks by observing people that are far superior salespeople to me.‚  I also am learning through practice & repetition.. just putting myself out there again and again and learning from the feedback I get.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.