Sexual Harassment of Men?

Strange occurrence happened to me today at work.

I was walking into my office and older female coworker was looking at my stomach and stopped in front of me blocking my way.‚  I pulled up to a halt and she poked me in the stomach and said, “Hard body” and went on her way.‚  A little weird, but I wasn’t worried about it and actually found it a little complimentary.

The incident brought to mind how sexual harassment is vastly different for men and women in the workplace, even though “equal rights” supposedly prevail.‚  I asked a couple of my friends what they thought:

F:‚  “When they do it to you, you like it; when you do it back, they don’t”

D: “Just one more inequality”

T: “Sexual harassment is a way to specifically protect hot girls”

Men generally seem to have the attitude that sexual harassment of men is humorous, whereas women don’t care as much about sexual harassment of men since it is not an issue that affects them.‚  Societal expectations differ on how men and women think of sex and sexual advances enough that a men who actually undergo aggressive unwanted sexual advances are laughed at if they say anything.‚  Fortunately, my ugly mug protects me from real sexual harassment lol.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.