Steroids & Abortion

My wrists are sore so I am doing my usual post via podcast. This video is a bit long, but I will get better at doing these videos eventually. Please feel free to leave comments as usual.

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8 thoughts on “Steroids & Abortion”

  1. Actually, I found this to be one of your more interesting commentaries.

    A lot of our federal government’s problems come with its inability to focus on much needed reforms and instead to focus on short term, high publicity issues (things that win elections). Baseball, as entertainment, is very easy to make a statement for or against, and has little debate value. Senior committee members in Congress love it, because they can be out in the public eye, without risking a wrong vote on, say, the Iraq war. Which is how they managed to get reelected. Its the “Simpsons” of Legislative issues. Everyone loves it!

    I oppose abortion from a moral standpoint (in that I believe a fetus is a viable life form from conception) but am willing to allow it in instances where it threatens a woman’s survival. I don’t agree with any attempts to protect it at the federal level, nor to outlaw it there. Like many questionable issues it should be left to smaller population groups to decide. Since most of the framework for the debate is carried out in moral or philosophical terms, then it needs to be dealt with on a state or community level. Like most of my problems with the federal government, I believe that the problem is a problem because it was too quickly determined for too large a population group. If left to smaller bodies of population to decide, we would likely see a more concurrent evolution of opinion or law.

    As a Christian, I believe the churches role is to convince people of its moral standpoint without the aid of legislation. I would hope that the liberal left would work to convince people of its moral standpoint in the same manner. Considering the propensity of the right and left to follow their extremes, I doubt this day will ever come.

  2. Thank you for your very insightful comments. I thoughtthe Christian perspective was that abortion clinics should be bombed with very big IEDs, right?

    Also, I hate that we are distracted by stupid things like baseball in Congress. I’m glad that they at least didn’t pick a better sport to go after, like football.

  3. I’m still trying to get a political advocacy group together to encourage the formation and protection of steroids only sports…. Look at Sebastian Janikowski of the Raiders… Biggest freaking kicker ever and goes toe to toe with Bill Romanowski. Steroids made that a lot more entertaining!

    Seriously, all contact sports need to have alternative leagues in which monster, semi-human muscle freaks try and kill each other in the midst of roid rages.

    I’m copyrighting the idea by the way…. don’t steal it.

    And as a Christian, my perspective is that if we are properly pursuing the spread of our beliefs and doing so successfully, we wouldn’t need to have the abortion debate in the first place.

  4. Steroids are awesome…here is a quote by the almighty super human himself “milk is for babies…I drink beer”

  5. Steroids are very entertaining. How much better would rugby be if they all used ‘roids? See 290 pound men running 4.2 40’s hammer into each other with no pads other than their roid rage. Perfect.

    Also, I am scared of u spreading your beliefs successfully- I don’t want a “theocracy”. Remember how much Mrs. Huth advocated that? Scary

  6. Feel free to be scared of me successfully spreading my beliefs. I’m afraid of you doing the same. That’s the beauty of having a federal government that doesn’t allocate or lock itself into a particular belief system on its own.

    Everything would be awesome on roids. Think about horse racing. MASSIVE super fast colts with massive heavily muscled angry midgets!

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