My mom sent me an email today that reminded me of what a goofy kid I was when I was little…

Hi Joel,

How is life treating my #1 son?

I had a question posed to me today on a website I belong to, and it brought back a special memory of you in a rush, and just thought I would share it with you, before I did the other women. Of course, our real identities remain anonymous.

The question posed was: “What was the most special gift a child ever gave you?”

Immediately, I remembered the Puyallup Fair one year where you had $20 to your name and spent it all on me. Because, in those days, I was such a fanatical cleaner and duster, you had listened to one of those guys under the Grandstand and he was hawking those “chamis” -yellow, dusting cloths for either the house and furniture or nice cars. You so proudly spent your entire $20 on me and those cloths to help me with keeping the house in Graham cleaned and sparkling!

It brought a warm feeling of gratitude and a rush of good memories back to me.

The love and consideration you showed me, stayed with me and immediately came back to me as “the most special gift” a child ever gave to me.

I love you son.


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7 thoughts on “Story”

  1. i got mom the best gift ever…God’s gift to the world…

    just look how ridiculously good looking i am.

  2. certainly very blessed-I think she had “4 favorites.” Each, unique, creative and gifted in their very own special way. One son is going to “Rule the World,” another son is going to be a Very Savvy Politician or Attorney-maybe both, another is going to be Extremely Rich & Famous for his songwriting/writing ability and the youngest is Very Smart and still deciding what he’s going to be #1 in!

  3. I’d like to state what the youngest has in mind… To start a poplitical faction called the, “American Youth Corps”. This group will teach the young people to act with common sense, and to cut all their weird stuff, like being “emo”, this faction will also be prepared for ANY job America needs…
    The Corps will also train all members to be raised with a conservative view-point on all things, and follow America’s religion, Christianity, we will also go through vigrous physical,mental, and spiritual training camps so we can accomplish our goals. The political view-point that will be taught to the youth is conservative-nationalism to the best country ever, America. It’s future “king” will support this group, and will make me Supreme Commander of the faction, which will lead to my betrayal to this “king” and I will take my rightful place as Universal Supreme Commander (think George Orwell’s Animal Farm). Any resistance will be crushed and we will all live happily ever after.

  4. Gee Josh, I’ve actually heard of your group… it was started once before… it wasn’t called “conservative-nationalism”…. what was it called?

    Oh yeah…

    National Socialism.

    Sounds like you are bringing back the Hitler Youth.

    And I love it.


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