Summer is coming!

I am starting to get really excited about this late spring and summer. I love the bright sunshine, parks, bonfires on beaches, cruising around various lakes in nice boats, surfing at the ocean, lazy days, outdoor parties, pretty ladies and their summerwear, exercising outdoors, hiking, mountain climbing (perhaps Ranier?), close friends, canoeing, exploring, walking around at midnight in a t-shirt and shorts and being warm, the scenery, sailing, vacations and did i mention fine women?

The last few summers have been pretty nice, because fine weather and regular sunshine greatly improve my mood. I have had tons of free time, but no money and my friends were all in the same boat. I went home for one summer (big mistake).

However, this will be my first summer as a college graduate. I have been earning a healthy income for the last year and have some extra money that I can spend on fun stuff. I also have saved up some extra vacation days and will probably take a random day off here and there throughout the summer and go to lakes and beaches and on trips. The passion of fine summers is incredible; it raises a hot love of life and people that gives me chills.

I am going to spend as much time as I can outdoors with the people I care about. I would like to be able to visit a lot of the parks around here and also head over to Eastern Washington for a few long weekends and also out to the ocean for some surfing. Currently, I am looking to a get a new, and much better, apartment with an area where I can have BBQs for my friends. I should also be able to use my grandparents cabin on White Pass with the pools and tennis courts and gorgeous mountains all around on my own by then.

The recent days have been tough, but I have some high hopes for the future. A lot of pieces in my life that I have been working on for a long time are beginning to fall into place. My best times are definitely coming!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.