The New Stifler

The legendary Black Rooster now works for a recruiting firm in London. One of his coworkers is a guy named Craig, who is the real life version of Stifler from American pie. Stifler is one of my favorite characters in modern cinema; essentially an extreme meathead exhibiting comedic buffoonery. The Black Rooster has been gracious enough to send me a couple of stories and quotes from Craig, the British Stifler.

Craig/ Stifler Story

According to the Black Rooster, Craig sent an email to his girlfriend with this picture attached to it. Unfortunately, IT saw it and forwarded it to the WHOLE COMPANY! Lol

Stifler (Craig) Quotes:

“God I’m so fit”

“Faryar I can’t do any more shots, I’ve worked too hard for this body”

“I’m having a date with a hot Brazilian chick tonight, I’m gonna bang her”

“Did you know Im moving to Hong Kong to open our new offices” – The second thing he said to a blond girl at a bar he was trying to pick up”

Random Girl: “Sorry for not putting out last night. I had a great time, thank you for having me over and being so nice”
Craig: “So….are you gonna put out now or what?” (6 in the morning and Craig being hung over as shit)

Craig walks in the office in the morning and out of nowhere tells us “I benched 265 yesterday, feel my tits” and walks away

And Grand Finale….

Craig: Faryar are you gay or straight?
Me: (laughing) I’m straight
Craig: Oh Ok, cause I couldn’t tell with that tie you were wearing

Bear in mind the above conversation took place when he was INTERVIEWING ME FOR MY JOB…HAHAHAHA

Craig / Stifler Goes on a Date:

Craig went on a date with a girl that was apparently tracked by a newspaper (sort of like Blind Date here in the U.S.) Read what his date had to stay about Craig’s Stiflerish self-

Poor Stifler/Craig….

Craig/Stifler Goes on Company Trip to Bermuda:

Check out how he ends up lol

Hmmm…. I wonder how this happened?

The Stifmeister showing some brotherly live because he is a confident Alpha male who will not discriminate based on gender

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