The Power of Cute

Men who are reading this: Never, ever underestimate the power of cuteness.

Women are strangely turned on by cuteness. Something in their evolutionary biology to help make them more attached to children, so the species has a better chance of surviving.

How can we men take advantage of this?

By having “cute” be associated with you, women will want to drop their pants. So how do you go about achieving this desired state? You must be careful… If you directly associate “cute” with you, they may think you are a pussy and will just want to be friends. If you are too obvious, they will think you are a douche bag.

However, a while back I discovered the power of dogs. Women love dogs. Dogs are cute and fun. It gives them an in to come chat with you. I think most people already understand the power of dogs, but I recently found the ultimate jackpot: a cute little girl. I went to the mall with a friend and her daughter a while back and my friend went to try on clothing, so her daughter and I went off adventuring. I started to notice that I was getting lots of looks from women as I walked around. These weren’t just “aw, cute” looks… they were full on “fuck me now” stares. It was crazy and actually rather intimidating. I have decided that cute children are the real life versions of Axe cologne commercials.

I want to try an experiment and take an ugly man, give him a cute child and send him out to report back… my hypothesis says he will return with at least 3 phone numbers per hour of walking around- and he will let the women approach him. Utterly amazing.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.