The Surprising Parallels Between SEO & Life Strategies

You might not think that search engine optimization has anything to do with life strategy. However, you might be surprised at just how similar the two are. In my years of experience creating Los Angeles SEO strategy and content, I’m constantly reminded of advice I’ve received throughout the years on how to lead a successful life.

Experiment with Everything when Young

When you’re young, you have seemingly unlimited energy and curiosity. What you don’t have is experience and skill. Exploring and experimenting with hobbies, identities, and interests helps young people discover who they are and what they want to become.

The same experimentation applies to your young Los Angeles SEO strategy. You need to explore what you want your site to be and what narrative you want to create to promote it. This is your research phase. That means you get to play around with identities and interests to discover which one best exemplifies your site and brand.

Do What You Love

As you enter young adulthood, your experience increases and your experimentation decreases. You begin to focus more on a specific path and your skill level reflects that. Ideally, you figure out what makes you happy, what work inspires you, and you chase after that.

Your Los Angeles SEO strategy works in the same way. Once you’ve finished your research phase, you combine your identity, skills, and talents into your content. This is when you sharpen and hone your message and your brand. You find what work satisfies you and you pursue it.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

For the most part, quality always trumps quantity. It can be possessions, experiences, even daily necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. You can go to White Castle and eat 10 burgers for the price of one high quality, grass fed burger. One choice will nourish you, the other might make you sick.

The same applies to Los Angeles SEO strategy. Low quality links and content that focus on volume aren’t as effective as links and content that focus on quality and shareability. Today more than ever, low quality SEO is discounted by search engines. Earned links and high quality content improves your ranking more than simply volume.

Cheating Rarely Works

Cheating doesn’t work. Sure, you might be able to cheat on a test or cheat some system to make short term gains. But in the long run, cheating always comes back to haunt you. We see cases of this in life all the time—Bernie Madoff, Enron, Lance Armstrong. They found incredible early success by cheating, but eventually it caught up with them.

SEO strategy, including Los Angeles SEO strategy, is the same. Link spam, plagiarized content, and other black hat SEO strategies might get you initial success, but social and search algorithms will eventually discover your cheating ways. When you’re caught you will be penalized, and you won’t be featured on an Oprah special to talk about what you’ve learned and how you’ll grow from the experience. You’ll simply lose.

Seek Out Expert Advice

SEO strategy has surprising parallels to life strategy. You need to create your identity, find what makes you passionate and excited, and pursue that with vitality. Ultimately, it’s about enjoying the process. The last parallel of SEO and life strategy is to seek out expert advice. Ask questions and listen to those who have come before you.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.