The Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church is an interesting group. The group is almost entirely made up of one family; about 75 people including men women and children. Fox News and CNN and others have done reports on them recently. The church believes that God hates homosexuals and they actively spread this image. They believe that America has been doomed by God for tolerating the gay lifestyle. Lots of their actions are highly controversial, such as attending soldiers’ funerals and protesting saying the US military is full of fags that deserved to die. How they have survived so far is a mystery to me. They are the most hate-filled group I ever seen, but as a ex-pastor’s son, I can say that they actually are closer to following actual Biblical teachings than many other Christian groups. The Bible actually says that God hates homosexuality and sodomy and blah blah blah and that they are going to hell. However, they have left out the New Testament side of God’s forgiveness.

I just watched an interesting documentary done by a man who was allowed into their cult, I really recommend that you watch it too. It’s actually really sad to watch these little kids get indoctrinated with their ridiculous bullshit. The person I felt worst for was a 21 year old girl attending law school. She seemed intelligent, but she was so brain-washed into it that she firmly believed that she would never be able to get married because there was no true Christians left out there.

I would not be surprised to see the whole clan meet with a violent end. Protesting at soldiers funerals is a really bad idea. There are many returning soldiers who have severe post-traumatic stress syndrome and are trained and experienced in the use of violence to solve their problems. The Phelps have a compound with a ten foot fence, but that won’t slow an angry ex-soldier. I hope that nobody does anything to them and that they are able to recognize the inconsistencies in their own beliefs.

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  2. The whole family are lawyers. They provoke a response then sue your pants off for infringing in their 1st ammendment right to free speech- the protests are protected speech. Thankfully motorcycle engines are louder than their bull horns.

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