Attacks Robinett Twins is an immensely popular blog (see traffic numbers at bottom of this post) that talks trash about everyone, but mostly focuses on people with ridiculous MySpace profiles and overblown self images. I have set up in my Google Reader along with a couple dozen other sites for regular reading (,,, etc are there). Imagine my surprise when I went to look at today and saw familiar faces staring back! The Robinett twins are good guys, but they do have some rather silly looking photos and has gotten ahold of some and put the Robinett twins on his blog. My comments are in italics as usual.

Below is Nik (’s author) post from today (June 11, 2008):

Robinett Twins on

Well it looks like the GWINS are still batting for the Gays. Seattle should be proud! They only build abs like that for infomercials. You can’t really see it, because of his serious deep thought pose in a make believe jungle of life, but one of the Gwins is sitting on a large wood log like a professional. Probably dreaming about a nice spray tan session with his brother.

So why do you call them GWINS?: then links to two other posts that he has done on the twins below this most recent one… the other posts are pretty awful too:

May 8, 2008

Robinett Twins get caught by

The DIRTY ARMY has knighted these two DOUCHE BAGS… from this day hence forth the twins will be named:

“GWINS” (Gay Twins)


I guess they are at least sort of famous now, right? Here is the first post Nik did: lays into the Robinett twins

EMAIL: nik- I don’t know if you’ve settled on name for the mini frogs from seattle but this might give some more ideas. the twin mini frogs dated another set of twins. the girls think they are hot sh*t because they lost a whole bunch of weight (wonder why?) and started caking on the mac make up and getting attention from d-bags. the girls actually lived down in scottsdale for awhile last year. i’m just glad they broke up before they could reproduce.

Emailer forget about those girls… we have more important issues to discuss. Here are the Frog Sperm twins top 5 names for the DIRTY ARMY to choose from. (Your Vote counts, just look at Obama.)

1) Left Nut & Right Nut

2) Ambiguously Gay Duo

3) Number 2’s

4) Call them the Gwins (Gay Twins)

5) Double Bent Twins

Which one has your vote DIRTY ARMY?- nik

I am just curious as to who sent them in… It sounds like someone from Scottsdale, AZ. I know that a lot of readers of are sad, fat nerds who troll searching for people to burn, so it could be someone completely random.

So are you wondering how many people read each day? Let me show you a traffic comparison between my site and from Alexa (the tiny bump at the bottom was from when I was getting 4,000 unique visitors every day… now I get “only” 1,000 visitors every day):

According to my best estimates, receives over 260,000 unique visitors each day! I feel kind of bad for the Robinett twins now. They are good guys and are pretty down to earth and fun to hang out with. I guess when you do modeling though you have to take the good with the bad… some people will get jealous and try to pick you apart. Hopefully the twins won’t let their newfound fame go to their heads 😉

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5 thoughts on “ Attacks Robinett Twins”

  1. You can find the original posts from the dirty at the following locations:

    Also… I’m curious as to why Nik hasn’t optimized his blog… he could triple his traffic and monetization.

    Actually, speaking of monetization, I wonder if what he is doing is legal? I know that you are allowed to rip on public figures, but private individuals have protections… and if you are republishing photos off of their profiles I think you could be opening yourself up for a lawsuit. I’ll have to consult Plato.

  2. Ouch!

    Pretty cold hearted. The twins don’t deserve it, although some of the pictures piled up, and without the context of everything, are pretty humorous.

    I could think of a few people who would need to be more than Jess and Jason.

    At 260,000 hits a day, maybe they will get a job out of it.

    Lets hope.

  3. Thats just ridiculous. It seems like the guy who set up the dirty web site is a fat geek who never played sports, j*rked 0ff 24/7 and got rejected from every frat house so now he’s making fun of frat guys, good looking guys, guys who can actually get girls and just all around awesome guys. The twins are great guys and this is a great example of pure jealousy….nothing else. The other twins, Jennifer and katie are great girls and two of my best friends so obviously this author has no f-ing idea what he’s talking about. I suggest that all you computer nerds stop sitting in front of your computer with a bag of chips and jerk off 24/7 and get your *ss in the gym.

  4. i found your blog when searching for hate joel osteen, i found a post on another blog similar to the dirty it was

    this guys is just like nik but he ripped on osteen and his wife today so it was funny bc i dont really like those 2 of how theyre basically scamming everyone and getting rich

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