Thinking About Trump

All of the media I read seems to take Trump at face value. I don’t really understand this. He has shown that he has told thousands of lies. They’re strong evidence from the Mueller report that he is a traitor. He said himself that he would welcome for an interference in our democracy. You don’t need any special reports when the man himself declares himself to be a traitor.

Why does everyone try to take the things he says that are attempting to ignite a race war at face value? Why does everyone call his lies mis statements?

I think we should just envision a future in 10 years where Donald Trump has fled to Russia and he has made billions of dollars and payouts after his tenure. A future where Donald Trump achieved all of Putin’s aims and our country is a smoldering husk of what it wants was and we are ruled by dictators.

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Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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