Trump Election

Here is my Facebook post from yesterday after Trump’s election:

What are the actual results of Trumps win last night?

Pros and con’s of Trump and the Republicans winning out as best I can see them. These are all just guesses as Trump is extremely unpredictable and never laid out firm plans.

Cons – climate change won’t be addressed, globalization of trade will face setbacks, minority and womens rights will not advance, an ugly bigot will be Americas leader, the risk of war is far higher since Trump can’t control his anger

Pros – tax simplification reform might actually happen, business regulations might be simplified, libertarian leaning supreme court justices

Not sure – aca reform

Remember – Trump is not a true Republican… Many of his ideas run in the big government direction and I think we will be surprised by some of policies.

My predicted result – big parts of the Republican agenda will be implemented in the next two years, then the Democrats will take back Congress and no further changes will happen during Trumps presidency.

What do you think?

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