Trump Might Just Be a Distraction

This is not a conspiracy theory. I don’t think that Donald Trump’s election and the ensuing circus is an intentional distraction from some nefarious plan.

However, I believe the greatest risk to mankind right now is the ongoing development of artificial intelligence. The development of a superintelligence that far surpasses humanities intellect would result in essentially a new apex predator on our planet that would outcompete us for resources. Worst case scenario is an extinction event, best case scenario is that we live in some sort of zoo.

Recently, the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence have been coming fast and furious. Pretty much every game or activity you can think of there now is specialized AI that is better than humans at that… everything from image identification to chess to Go to thousands of other areas.

Most recently, there is now AI that can build AI better than humans can…. this is potentially the beginning of recursive self-improvement.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.