Unpopular Opinions

We are moving to a world where unpopular opinions lead to very bad results for their holder. Here are a few of mine to post prior to the total loss of freedom here.

  • The Marvel movies are terrible with weak plots and characters that are all godlike making the action sequences pointless.
  • Truth is real, there are no alternative facts… Just lies.
  • Conspiracy theories should be harshly shut down as they detract from public discourse.
  • The original 3 star wars movies are the only ones that should have been made.
  • There are no supernatural powers, we just have science and the evidence we see.
  • Gas should be heavily taxed, and NIMBYism blocked by allowing extremely high density housing to be built anywhere. This will lead to far more efficient cities.
  • Never go into debt unless you are extremely knowledgeable in it.
  • Trump is not only a traitor, but is evolving America into a totalitarian nation.
  • Housing is not an investment, but a commodity. Build lots more of it and eliminate regulations on that building.
  • Most concepts you take for granted are not real and can be taken away anytime. This includes money, human rights, fair laws, etc.
  • Fox News is the worst of yellow journalism.
  • College is not right for most people.
  • Doctors are in it for the money and only give lip service to patient care. You need to carefully monitor and pushback on them. Your car mechanic is probably more trustworthy.
  • Human beings are natural predators. They also are carnivorous, not vegans.
  • Most people don’t just have one soulmate. You would fall in love with most people you spent enough time with and had chemical reactions in your brain with.
  • Work ethic is far more important in life than intelligence, looks.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “Unpopular Opinions”

  1. Interesting blog! Now our opinions are less unpopular!

    Maybe mass communication strengthens having public “opinions” which mean no more than a tool to be picked up and dropped whenever we try to get our right in what we perceive to be the majority. How much are opinions passed-on opposed to formed, now, compared to then? What are and where their factors?

    Is a passed on trend or astroturfing campaign an opinion when it has nothing to do with people actually forming their own views either based on facts or beliefs?

    P.S. if you are what you eat, you must be vegan. Wait?

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