Update: Memorial Day Weekend up till now

Friday night I went to the underwear party, which was a lot of fun. If you want to see the pictures of the wild event, I posted them on Picasa here. If I posted any pictures you don’t like, please email me and I will remove them. Please keep in mind though that I have no labeled any of them, so no one will ever find them except by going through this site, which means it will only be friends (and not employers). I had a lot of fun dancing the night away. Andy, Fletcher and Ashley all had great costumes, respectively “Dick in a box”, “Gay Pirate” and “Nip Tape”.

Saturday I went to dinner with Nick and then headed over to Scottie B.’s BBQ where he made me some of his very hard margaritas. Nick pooped out early, but Scott and I and a bunch of his friends went over to one of his musician friends cool place on Capitol Hill. She had a huge corner apartment with a great view and a trendy decorating scheme. Plus she was hot :). Later, the whole group went to Havana (a fun hipster club) and partied there for the rest of the night, till Scott and I caught a cab home.

Sunday, Fletcher and I went and did a half-assed workout because we were both hung over, then he came over to my new condo and we cooked the best pasta I’ve ever made and watched Finding Forrester (a decent movie). He tried to do homework and I tried to build sites, but neither of us got very far. That evening, we went to the Killers show at the WaMu Theater attached to Qwest Field. I couldn’t hear shit for two days after that, but I had fun. Some homeless guy was scalping tickets and they looked legit and he said one of us could go in and see if it worked and if it did, the other guy would pay him and then go in. So Fletch went in without incident and I paid the guy and took my ticket, but when I tried to get in the people at the entrance scanned it and said it had been refunded. I have a pretty good bullshit detector, so congrats to this guy on a successful scam. I had to go buy a new ticket to get in, so it ended up being a $100 show. Whatever, I enjoyed it.

Monday I went to lunch and saw Pirates 3 with a friend, but ended up having a pretty bad night.

The rest of the week I have pretty much hung out with Fletch every day and played a lot of chess with Andy trying to pass the time till I start to feel better. I’ve also noticed that Fletch has been having lots of women chasing him lately and I have been trying to figure out how he does it. When we lived together I never really saw that happen. My personal theory is that it’s a combination of his approach to women and the fact that he has been getting into much better shape lately (I give myself credit as his personal trainer ;)). Fletcher generally just wants to be friends with most girls, flirts a little and then holds them at bay, which drives them wild. It’s the other side of the old saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Or I could be completely wrong, I don’t know. I am still not great at understanding women… any thoughts?

Tonight I am debating either going home to visit my grandma and brothers or perhaps going clubbing with some friends. Tomorrow I probably will attend my new roommates birthday events, though I don’t have any evening plans yet.

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