Vacation to Los Angeles

Below are some more of my vacation pictures, this time from the period I spent in Los Angeles with Trent. We went surfing, ate excellent food and visited some pretty hot bars. The pictures below are from our surfing trip to Venice Beach and hiking in Griffith Park. Unfortunately, we have no pictures of surfing Malibu or the massive two pounds of jumbo shrimp and the two big pitchers of beer we ate afterwards at Neptunes.

Trent had an extra wet suit that was about two sizes to small on me and I felt like I was going to suffocate in it, but surfing still rocked. The picture here is from Venice beach.

Dagnabit, I’m good looking 🙂

Beautiful sunset at Venice beach.

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Waves rolling in at Venice beach.

We took this picture while surfing and two seconds later got bowled over by a wave.


Muscle beach stud.

Pretty sunset.

The wind at Venice beach was atrocious the day we went surfing.

Having fun. The Venice beach “V” is in the left background.

Sexy man showering. We ended up not being able to take a shower for another day after this. The truly unfortunate part was that as we were walking to his car to change, I realized there was a bunch of water sloshing around in my wet suit, so I opened the leg and let it flow out. Mr. Trent was kind enough to point out at this juncture that my wet suit was super tight and now water from the outside could have gotten in…. Gross!

Los Angeles rocks.

Trent’s apartment. He has a sweet set up with his computer hooked into his 57″ television so he can watch movies and listen to music on his TV.

Trent is getting better at painting. That girl is actually pretty darn good.

Trent Himself.

Loading up to go surfing.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

View from the trail in Griffith Park. Griffith Park is a large park in the middle of Los Angeles. Pretty cool.

Trent starting the hike.

More Griffith Park.

The observatory at Griffith Park.

The observatory from the top of Griffith Mountain.

Trent with downtown LA in the right background.


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