Very Strange Entertainment

Cooking with Pooh Hahahah

Hahahahhahaa…. How terrible of a book title is this? “Cooking with Pooh” is a real book.


I think that this is something Justin and his girlfriend would do. Justin would probably head butt her and they both would fall.

Do not click on the link at the end of the sentence if you don’t want to see something pornographically disturbing. Eric showed this to me at our Monday dinner party and everyone was incredibly horrified.

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4 thoughts on “Very Strange Entertainment”

  1. Most revolting thing ever. Seriously. R. E. V. O. L. T. I. N. G.

    Disgusting. Screw waterboarding, show that to terrorists. They’ll talk. Although I am sure the International Criminal Court will call it a crime against humanity.

    Freaking gross. Who finds that? Who makes that? Who can link that?

    You need to be smoteded from the earth. (And I know its not a word, but it felt right). I am going to bathe in Lysol, pour mouthwash in my eye, and take a poo without looking.

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