We Are At War

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America is at war. We don’t yet realize it. We are losing badly.

We are fighting an old enemy. That old enemy is using an ancient strategy, but with new tactics.

The enemy is using cyberattacks to disrupt our economy and infrastructure, social media to turn our citizens against one another, and a secret weapon on our foreign diplomats hundreds of whom have suffered brain damage.

What is the overarching strategy being used by the enemy? Divide and conquer, something that has been highly effective since the beginning of human history. Twenty years ago, America was far more united. This enemy has used the news media and social media to turn the young against the old and the old against the young, and to make the right hate the left and the left hate the right. Our enemy has been highly successful at finding every small crack separating our citizens and convert it into an enormous gulf.

Who is the enemy? Russia. America’s outmatched soldiers in this war have reported that Russia has tens of thousands of full time people writing fake news stories and fake social media comments all over the internet. These false stories portray the left as the enemy of the right, and the right as the enemy of the left. The stories tell lies to confuse people about everything from vaccines to philanthropist Bill Gates to undermining confidence in our democracy.

Russia could not defeat America on a battlefield, so it’s cunning leader Putin has pursued a strategy of weakening our country through divisions internally. This internal strife is making us very vulnerable to outside attacks, such as the cyberattacks against our oil pipelines, hospitals, and businesses from inside Russia that harm our economy and steal money to fund further attacks.

Putin is currently underwriting and giving safe harbor to massive criminal hacking organizations that have taken down a major oil pipeline supplying the whole East Coast, as well as much of our other infrastructure like hospitals and power companies. They constantly hack into our businesses and steal money and leak information online.

America must realize we are under attack and that we must respond with overwhelming force to put a stop this before we are ultimately defeated.

I am a conservative, and have been horrified to see many people who are also conservatives have their justifiable grievances magnified and warped into a hatred beyond recognition for people on the left. Conservative Americans need to realize that Fox News is owned by a foreigner who is parroting Putin’s lies and is likely directly controlled by him. Please watch Fox News and notice every story about the left is always twisted to make the left look evil. Watch out for massively shared articles and videos on social media too … All of those shares are often just Russian trolls providing false information.

I see the same sort of reporting on the left from organizations like Common Dreams and to a lesser extent, CNN. These stories portray conservatives as all racist and hateful and evil people bent on destroying people of color and the poor.

News organizations you can generally trust to be neutral include Reuters, Wall Street Journal (right leaning a bit), Bloomberg (left leaning a bit), New York Times (pretty far left but good reporting, and the Economist.

Never trust videos or articles that are widely shared on social media without concrete evidence from outside trusted sources like the publications above.

If you see a news story that makes you hate your fellow Americans, think twice before believing it. At best, the reporter is just trying to steal your clicks and attention for money… And it is likely the reporter is writing it on behalf of America’s enemy.

Putin has also been trying to disrupt America’s friendships with foreign nations. One way Russia has done so is by employing weapons that cause brain damage to our diplomats to prevent them from doing their jobs. Many of our best and brightest people have been irreversibly damaged or even killed.

I am a conservative and directly benefited more than probably anyone reading this from Trump’s presidency. His tax cuts put a lot of money in my pocket. I agree with having more oil pipelines and a LOT more nuclear power. But every conservative must put their duties as Americans first… There is hard evidence that Trump and his cronies followed directions from Putin and Trump himself openly asked Putin on television for help in his election. Trump and many of his family members and cronies are traitors. If the only news you have seen is false propaganda from Fox News, make sure you go learn more about this betrayal of our nation.

Putin has created fear worldwide by murdering with impunity. He sometimes leaves his calling card by using poisons to kill people that only he would have access to like rare radioactive materials. Putin has murdered the opposition within Russia. Because of Putin, Russia has never had a fair chance at freedom… Putin worked for the KGB and the KGB continued to operate even after the Soviet Union fell. Now the KGB is the Russian government.

Americans need to stand against attempts to divide us and make us hate one another. People on the right should be very suspicious of claims that the left is trying to take your guns or to make our country socialist or to insert microchips into you via vaccines. The left needs to be wary of claims that the right is full of racists, or that the police are all bad, or that capitalism hurts the poor. Putin has exploited small legitimate differences between Americans and tried to blow them out of proportion to make our people hate each other.

America needs to bring massively overwhelming force to put an end to these attacks by Putin and set the Russian people free of his dictatorship.

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