What Makes a Man? 7 Characteristics of a Man

These Ladies Want a Manly Man!
These Ladies Want a Manly Man!

As I am the very definition of manhood myself, I thought it would be helpful for others if I wrote an article on the characteristic traits that make a man.‚  I know far too many weaklings, pansies and broken men, so it behooves me to share my vast knowledge.‚  To tell the truth, I can’t claim all these ideas as mine; I have paid close attention and learned many of them from manly masters.‚  Without further preamble, here are the 7 Characteristics of a manly Man:

Manly Characteristic #1: Balls. A manly man is someone who will stand up for what he believes in.‚  A good example of a man who defends what he believes in at potentially great cost is Antonio Davis of the Knicks.‚  The NBA Commissioner had recently made it very clear that any player entering the stands ran the risk of a very long suspension and potentially risked losing his career.‚  However, Mr. Davis was playing in Chicago when he saw a man accosting his wife in the stands.‚  He immediately jumped over the rail and calmly made sure his wife was okay.‚  Davis knew the cost of his actions- after all he was the President of the Players Association.‚  He ended up only receiving a 5 game suspension, but many women ended up supporting him and saying that if their husbands didn’t protect them like Davis did, it would be the death of their marriage.‚  A man needs to be unafraid of protecting his loved ones.

Characteristic of a Man #2: Utility. Men need to be good at solving many standard problems that can come up in life.‚  A man needs to know a little about building, cars, personal finance, and other issues.‚  Even if he can’t fix something himself, he knows where to go or who to call to get something done.‚  A man should know quick, effective solutions to most of life’s little problems.

Man’s Characteristic #3: Emotionally Strong. David Borenstein once said, “Feelings are not supposed to be logical.‚  Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotions.”‚  By the way guys, dangerous in this context is not the badass kind of dangerous, but the idiot kind of dangerous that puts people in concentration camps.‚  I think that this is one of the biggest areas where modern men are lacking.‚  A man needs to understand his emotions and be confident enough to express them.‚  Men who don’t share their emotions end up bottling them up until they explode in sometimes horrific ways.‚  If you can’t share how you feel, you are a coward and most definitely not a man.

Find Ways To Challenge Your Mind
Find Ways To Challenge Your Mind

Characteristic of the Manly Man #4: Intellect. The only thing in life worse than a dullard is a dullard who’s proud of his ignorance.‚ ‚  Hone your intellectual skills at every opportunity: read, debate, play challenging games, work a stimulating job and try new things.‚  Learn foreign languages, visit new places (something I need to do more), meet new people and learn to love many strange aspects of life.‚  Don’t watch much television, don’t waste your time with fools and don’t allow yourself to become intellectually lazy.

Characteristic of a Man #5: Sexual Prowess. Every woman wants a man capable of satisfying her.‚  Don’t be the lazy moron who hops on top with no foreplay.‚  Spend some time talking to your woman and arouse her physically, mentally and sexually.‚  Do the simple things: touch her arm, kiss her neck, tell her how you feel.‚  If you finish before she does, use your fingers or mouth to give her the same satisfaction you just had… or be ready to go again in a short time.‚  Make sex something that she looks forward to as much as you do.

Social abilities: Characteristic of a Man
Social abilities: Characteristic of a Man

Manly Characteristic #7: Social ability. I used to get nervous talking in front of a big group of people and sometimes still do.‚  It’s hard for many people.‚  However, it’s a vital skill to have in life, along with the ability to quickly establish a connection with people on an individual basis.‚  Learning how to make people feel comfortable around you quickly is an important life skill.‚  Many sad little boys think that snubbing other people makes them look cooler.‚  Hurting a weaker person is never a characteristic of a manly man.‚  Instead, the ability to make just about anyone comfortable and happy spending time with you shows maturity and manliness.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of the characters that make a man.‚  Perhaps you may have even learned something.‚  I know that many times I don’t live up to all of the traits on my list of characteristics of a manly man, but I never give up.‚  That’s the real key to becoming a man.

Do you have any characteristics of a man that you would like to add?

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8 thoughts on “What Makes a Man? 7 Characteristics of a Man”

  1. Man’s Characteristic #6: Inattention to Detail. Have you ever run into one of those nit-picky sorts of guys? You know, mostly they are accountants, fashion designers or hair stylists. This isn’t meant to slam those hip, femme homosexual men who are all the rage when shopping with the girls. AH BULL, YES IT IS! Don’t be so detail oriented that you notice everything–and even if you naturally do, DOWNPLAY, DOWNPLAY, DOWNPLAY! Women act like they want you to notice everything, but when you actually do it, they’ll feel like they’re man is another woman. Here’s the secret, try to mention one new, positive thing each time you see her, her place or something she’s done. Most gals will think this is great and it’s easy because if you see 2-3 one time, you can mention them later.

    Also, here’s #8, don’t talk too much–guys accuse gals of this, but a chatty guy is way unmanly. Talkativeness is generally bad. Unusually chatty women are a turn-off to something like 95-99% of men!

  2. Great post. I would add to number 5…”he know how to make me feel like a woman”

  3. #1 Bravery
    #2 Strength
    it’s that simple. There are other important things in life
    but your manliness is measured by your guts and by your balls and by your brawn and that’s it.

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