Which friend of mine marries next?

Many people that I know have already gotten married. My younger brother Jordan married Meghan. Mark married his first girlfriend. Justin married Jennifer, divorced her after she cheated and then married the very next girl he dated (I think he answered the question “Can I do better?” wrongly lol). Bryan married Jess. JJ married some blonde. And on and on.

I’m currently drawing bets on who has not yet gotten engaged, but will get married soon. Who do you guys think will get married next?

I actually can’t see any of my close friends getting married soon… What do you folksies think?

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2 thoughts on “Which friend of mine marries next?”

  1. Im actually about to get married….i cant tell you the name of the person yet. But on September 5th 2012 when she is 18 I will.

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