Who Do I Vote For?

Who does JoelX vote for?

I always vote for the winner of American Idol, since I am the King of America and am the real chooser of the next American Idol.

Oh, you mean in the presidential elections?

I don’t believe in voting in the presidential elections.‚  I have better things to do with my time, like get struck twice by lightning (much greater odds of that happening than of my vote actually counting.

The fact that my vote is so statistically insignificant as to be meaningless though is not the reason that I choose not to vote.‚  I think that the Republican and Democratic parties are virtually indistinguishable from one another on policies that actually matter- they only throw a few small “issues” to the voters/dogs in each election (abortion, same sex marriage, etc.).‚  Voters have very little control over actual policy in this country because of this.‚  Most of the important policies are controlled by party & business elite (Paulson, Bernanke, Clintons, Bush family, Trump, etc.).‚  Voter did not get and will not get any say on the national debt, the $700 billion socialization of America, finance reform, future wars, major foreign policies, etc.

Registering to vote also registers me for jury duty-something I do believe in doing, I’m just too lazy to want to do it at this point in my life.

Anyways, have fun throwing away 16 hours of your life voting today.‚  Why 16? Don’t you spend at least that much time doing thorough research on every candidate and issue on your ballot?

Oh that’s right- you are even lazier than me and you just vote for the best sounding names.‚  Good thing your vote doesn’t matter.

One final note- P. Diddy and his whole crew of‚  brain-dead celebrities can stick their whole manipulation campaign up where the sun don’t shine.

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11 thoughts on “Who Do I Vote For?”

  1. It is rather boring. Not impressed. And just to have an early word in edgewise, I’m advocating a popular overthrow of the government (peacefully, per Patriot Act Section 7 Article 4) should McCain somehow manage to win.

  2. You should write your congressman and advocate amending the law to remove the electoral college and instead count votes on a purely popular basis. You should do something to try to change the wrongs you see.

    Of course that would take time, and effort, and represent participation in government. So you would never do that. Because it’s foolish.

    But you’re perfectly happy to spend 8 hours a day reading about, thinking about, blogging about how woeful things are and how they are changing for the worse.

    I don’t think you really want things to get better. I think you want the world to collapse into a big smelly heap. I think that you want to sit on top of it and say “I told you so.”

    Prove me wrong. Tell me how things are going to improve by following your policy of apathy.

  3. Who says I’m apathetic?

    I am doing tons of work to learn as much as I can about the big picture as well as digging into the nitty-gritty details of all the issues. Read the rest of my blog… I have dozens of posts discussing my opinions and ideas for solutions. I try to take a well-reasoned, scientific approach to all of these issues and I am willing to change my mind when I see evidence showing me that I’m wrong. When was the last time you changed stances on an issue? Or are you so certain of your rightness that you don’t bother to do continued research and investigation into the facts?

    Not only am I researching and learning about all of the issues and how they all fit together to create the world we live in, but I am actually taking REAL action to do something about it. Voting is not real action (see above). In the last 30 days 45,000 people have read my blog. I have begun to develop a regular following… 10% of my visitors are people who have returned multiple times. People have begun participating and arguing and discussing my ideas as well (see my recent post on Snoqualmie Casino or some of the other 1,877 comments people have written. True, some of these people are wackos (some guy named JJJ keeps posting comments cursing at me that I have to delete), but the quality of participants is increasing.

    I have even started considering possibly trying to run for Seattle City Council or a lesser local government position… however that would require voting, which I don’t agree with lol. Plus my opponents would have a field day with my closet full of skeletons.. though Jerry Springer got elected even after people found out he hired a prostitute.

    I think instead I will join Justin in overthrowing the government and turning it into the Kingdom of America led by yours truly.

  4. I’m not actually a Democrap and I actually voted absently (not absent-mindedly). The governor’s election has been very close the last years and does play a bigger role in the local economy than one might think.

    Secondly, my comment about an uprising wasn’t so much from an emotionally partisan perspective. If McCain wins, I would be seriously concerned that there is someone running the show in the background for Republicans. There seems to be an overwhelming trend of polls in favor of Obama by big margins. So if he loses… I’d be doubting the legitimacy of our government.

  5. I say you are apathetic.

    As I understand it you advocate that your readers:

    1) Do not vote.
    2) Amass firearms and food to prepare for the coming end of days.
    3) Make you king.
    4) Purchase digital auto-gauges.

    For all your ranting about the “socialists” who are trying to “take away your freedom” you have not posited a cogent proposal for fixing the situation beyond granting you yourself absolute power. You employ shock language and attempt to arouse emotion in your readers with little apparent goal beyond maintaining their readership. Other notables that employ this technique include: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Michael Moore.

    I would love to see you run for city council. But I wouldn’t vote for you.

  6. Justin- Do you mean you voted an absentee ballot? No, you’re definitely right: you voted absently. People like you are another reason I don’t vote lol… the stupid cancel out the smart. Actually I like our form of government better than other forms, but I think it should be set up differently and also shouldn’t be dominated by two parties that are wholely owned by special interests (gambling, Boeing, cable companies, racial groups, religious fanatics, etc.)

    Plato- You wouldn’t vote for me?!?!?! You are a traitor and need to be crucified by The Cause (The Cause is that one weird dude who comments on all my religious posts). That probably wouldn’t be necessary as I would woo you with my charm and free liquor.

    I do advocate to my readers not to vote, because I think participating in our unconstitutional two party system legitimizes it. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. Listen closely and you can hear the squishing sounds.

    I also advocate many other important activities besides the ones you mentioned… go to college, buy commercial loans from Nick, raise the drinking age to 23, test your beliefs, don’t talk to the police, don’t listen to Jim Cramer, Husky football should hire Jim Mora, and over 1,000 other things…

    Ranting at socialists is an old past-time of mine and fighting for my freedom is another. If you read my posts more carefully, you will see that I usually do propose a genuine course of action along with my jokes of world dictatorship. For instance, I have advocated making Board of Directors more directly responsible to shareholders and ending the old boys network. I also have advocated far greater reporting standards for public companies and banks so that they can’t hide losses and risk- which would immediately thaw the credit markets since banks wouldn’t have to worry about taking blind risks by lending to one another. As a matter of fact, there is even an article in your favorite magazine The New Yorker this week that agrees with that stance I took a long time back.

    As for comparing me to Rush Limbaugh, Bill Oreilly, Michael Moore and that kind, you are right. You did make one mistake though: that they have no goal beyond maintaining their readership- each of those men has a specific agenda that he successfully advocates. Sometimes that agenda is hidden behind a veil of shocking language and emotion, but there is always an idea and worldview put forth. If you read my writing more closely, you will see that I do the same thing. My blogs are funny/shocking/interesting/argumentative, but usually they promote my ideas or discuss questions/problems I have with others’ theories.

    If you can find a way to throw the City Council election to me, there’s a case of good scotch whiskey in it for you ;).

  7. Actually Rush Limbaugh admitted in an interview with the NY Times that he doesn’t actually care about politics all that much and while he believes in most of his positions he only advocates them in the way that he does because it provides him with a very nice lifestyle. He is an entertainer and he knows it.

    Our founding fathers agreed that a black man was only 3/5 of a person and that women weren’t people at all. Given the other changes our world has seen they probably aren’t going to be too stressed that our system is dominated by two parties. I don’t like the 2 party system either, but it isn’t something new. Lincoln was a Republican. Kind of funny when you think that the party of the man that freed the slaves is now the party of rednecks that fly confederate flags.

    Don’t you think that your advocating for more transparency in government would be more effective if you advocated your readers vote for more transparency whenever possible?

  8. Firstly, again, I am not Justin.

    Secondly, I voted absently as a play on the word absentee. So thank you for displaying your amazing lack of discernment in bringing it to the foreground.

    Thirdly, I agree with you on the corruption of our national two party system. I did not vote for either presidential candidate this year, because they are both garbage and have little to really separate them. You look at who is paying them off and how they are doing it, and you realize that it is as corrupt as Tammany Hall in New York at the turn of the 20th century. BUT, our state elections count each vote equally (except for a few select Democrats- however many it takes to win the election this year. They count twice.). And because of that reason, you should vote in state elections at least.

    I’m hoping the embarrassment of the Bush administration splinters the Republican party enough to see some real evolution within them.

    Lastly, your blogs are mostly boring.

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