Why Big Tech Is Being Attacked

Is it as strange you as it is to me that Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter are all suddenly being attacked and sued by the government?

Sure, Big Tech has lots of problems. But when you compare their problems to those elsewhere they seem like molehills being made into mountains. Oil and coal companies kill 200,000 people a year with air pollution. Comcast / xfinity, Verizon, Dish all have monopolies they abuse to the far greater detriment of consumers. Equifax and other reporting agencies steal our personal information and share it for money without our permission.

So why is Big Tech under such attack now?

In America, most corporate special interests are usually protected by Republicans. Democrats have a tendency to go after most corporations (except those that give them money like big finance). Why are Republicans leading the attack on Big Tech?

Republicans feel that Big Tech has not played ball with them in providing favorable messaging. President Trump and many other top Republicans have accused Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others of being biased against them.

Ask yourself, “Am I upset with Big Tech more than Equifax / Comcast / big oil because I hear a lot more news stories right now attacking them?”

I think Big Tech needs to improve. Google’s auctions should be public and not opaque. Facebook and Twitter should give individuals more control of their feed. However, Big Techs real crimes are minor. Politicians and others are trying to get you to be angry with them so they can force these companies to do their bidding. The politicians are using you and your gripes as pawn.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.