Why Cops Suck- King County Police Officer Assaults Teen Girl Video

The following video demonstrates how cops are evil weiners.‚  Many cops are guys who were harassed in school for being idiot douche-fags and now are gaining their revenge on society by become mustachioed anal moles-tators.

The teen girl in this video might be one of those annoying, retarded chicks, but what this cop did is really messed up.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

4 thoughts on “Why Cops Suck- King County Police Officer Assaults Teen Girl Video”

  1. whatever a lady did but the cops should not behave like that , the cops should not beat a lady even if she will do any thing. females are from the body of man. give respect to ladies. becoz ladies are week and sensitive .

  2. lol. That was funny. In some states, it is considered an assault to throw, fling anything at an officer. Lol, hope she learned somethin

  3. hahaha
    welll i guess if i pass this chickie on the street i won’t have to worry about a shoe flying my way.
    it’s called REHABILATATION

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