why I rock…

-I love to try new things, especially things that challenge me.
-People describe me as skinny to medium build and physically fit: 6’5” 220 lbs.
-I have a job and am working on starting my own business
-Give me good food and tasty drinks and i’ll be your friend for life.
-When I’m upset, I de-stress by running for miles.
-I listen to most any music.
-I’m 23 and am having the best time of my life and am working to make sure it just keeps getting better.
-If something bad happens, I’ll give you a hug and make a joke to try to make you feel better.
-I don’t need money, but enjoy strategizing ways to make it.
-I love to explore and go on trips and adventures.
-I almost always am on time.
-I call when I say I will.
-A great conversation can be better than sex-especially because it isn’t over in 8 seconds ;).
-Reading is a great passion of mine.
-I don’t drink pop and rarely eat candy.
-Once you become one of my good friends, you will be on for life.
-I can conduct myself with class, though sometimes i have fun by letting the small-town boy show through.
-Kids and dogs usually love me and I them.
-Bottle of wine + good friend= Happy Joel
-I drive like a madman.
-I am preparing to climb Mt. Ranier this summer.
-I am a decent chess player.
-Loyalty is my foremost virtue.
-I can make a mean pasta and a decent steak.
-I hate people who abuse those who can’t fight back (ie- don’t be a bitch to your waiter/child/employee, because I will call you out).
-Sailing with a bottle of rum is fun.
-I’m learning to dance.
-I prefer natural women (don’t like tanning, makeup, bleached hair, etc.) Be who you are.
-I think anyone who claims only to like a certain type or genre of something (music, girls/boys, books, games) and discounts everything else is an idiot.
-I am a strange combo of nerd and meathead.
-I sometimes dream of hitting the open road.
-The only foreign country I have ever visited is Canada :(. I will fix that soon.
-I want to learn a foreign language.
-I grow on people; you may not like me at first, but eventually you will love me.
-Grammar is the devil and I’ll put my commas wherever I want to.
-I ski more for the scenery than for the thrill (though at times, you need the thrill).
-I know how to move websites up in the organic results of search engines. Don’t piss me off or you may find www.yournameisachildmolestor.com ranks #1 for your name.
-I am very good at making bets and negotiating.
-I am a flag football fanatic.
-You must’ve been really bored to read this whole post.

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  1. Only foreign country you visited was Canada? Where in Canada did you go? Have you notice that there was a lot of Canadians in Canada?

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