While perusing the internets, I ran across the following blogpost on about the TKE fraternity at the University of Washington. Being a UW fraternity alumnus myself, this posting made me laugh a little… Check it out below.

The TKE’s are actually a pretty good group of guys, I don’t know who this Nik guy is or why he decided to bash the TKE’s at UW.… read more “TKE at UW”

Learn SQL Videos

I found the following video series on learning how to use SQL and have watched 9 of the 13 videos. The video series on SQL is inordinately helpful and really has taken me from knowing nothing about databases to being a solid beginner quickly. If you are interested in building your own web applications or doing anything else more in depth with computers, a knowledge of databases is a must.… read more “Learn SQL Videos”

“Associate Vice-President of Business Development”

… also known as “Salesman”.

My company now has decided to give all of it’s sales people the title of “Associate Vice-President of Business Development” apparently in an attempt to make them sound more important when they try to sell our products. I guess it makes sense since we are selling to high level customers, but still it is a little bit ridiculous.

New Favicon For Google

I just visited Google and noticed that something didn’t look quite right… then I looked up at the Favicon (the little icon next the page title on the top bar) and discovered it was different!

Here is Google’s new favicon:

Google New Favicon

The Favicon is that little icon to the right of

I don’t remember what their old favicon was.… read more “New Favicon For Google”