Why Did Filipinos Vote Overwhelmingly for Ferdinand Marcos, Jr? – Open Canada


Democracy does not seem to work well in most places… Why did Filipinos elect the son of a brutal dictator? Why is Trump so popular in America? Even Hitler was elected by the Germans in WW2… Of course, non-democratic countries are universally worse with awful human rights abuses, corruption, and stagnation. I guess this is why they say democracy is the best of a set of bad systems of government.… read more “Why Did Filipinos Vote Overwhelmingly for Ferdinand Marcos, Jr? – Open Canada”

Right to Repair and Patent Reform

Right to Repair laws are incredibly important to get passed at the state and federal levels of America. John Deere and Apple give a lot of lip service to protecting the environment, when in reality they seek profit above all else and specifically design their products to fail after the warranty period, and to be unrepairable.… read more “Right to Repair and Patent Reform”


Do something meaningful with your life. Fulfill your biological purpose.

Who cares about running and winning a few stupid races. In ten or twenty years, you won’t be doing it anymore and will wonder why you ever cared.

TV and fiction books you forget almost right after consuming them. Sugar for the brain.

Having children continues the grand tradition every one of your ancestors succeeded in doing.… read more “Children”

Proposal to Solve the Problem of Negative Externalities

Negative Externalities are when a group of people knowingly make a choice to privately profit by damaging the public. Examples include cigarette companies knowingly selling a product that causes lung cancer, manufacturers who dump waste into streams, and private equity groups that load up businesses with debt and sell them.

The cause of this issue is that executives at these companies can make money by causing damage or taking risks at others expense without themselves having any personal risk.… read more “Proposal to Solve the Problem of Negative Externalities”

Butt Lifts Are Booming. Healing Is No Joke. – The New York Times


This is a horrifying trend. These women have been brainwashed by social media on their phones and Kim Kardashian. Brazilian Butt Lifts are extremely dangerous, agonizingly painful and simply an abuse of the medical profession.

The male version of this is hair restoration… Equally stupid but at least much less risky.

Accept and love yourself for who you are.… read more “Butt Lifts Are Booming. Healing Is No Joke. – The New York Times”