Old Man Frat

I joined a golf country club not too long ago. I have been surprised to discover the dynamics are very similar to the fraternity I was in during college. I thought old men with wives and houses and businesses would have a different approach.


  • Lots of politics, popular and unpopular guys, some corruption… lots of complaints about leadership
  • Fights over petty things. Yesterday a bunch of guys wore hats saying “Free OB”… apparently that is a member who was suspended.
  • Lots of camaraderie.
  • In Vs Out mentality. Most of the guys in the fraternity were only friends with guys in our fraternity or other fraternities… most didn’t socialize much outside of that. I was an oddity in that most of my friends were outside the greek system in college. I think psychology studies show that in vs out group mentality is a basic feature of the human brain.


  • Way more money… instead of poor college students (or rich kids) you have mostly self made men… most from business, some from professional jobs, some from government.
  • Much older. Instead of 18-22, average ages are 50-80.
  • Instead of one cranky old lady who made us meals in the frat, there is now a full staff of people.

I think if you look at politics at every level in our government, you will find the same sorts of things. In vs Out group mentality… Game Of Thrones style drama… The things that scares me about all of this is nowhere do I really see true adult leadership.

It was strange for me coming from spending the last ten years in my business to seeing the club. I have been shocked by the corruption and the socially conservative values. I am a libertarian and strongly believe in equality for all and small government and honest and free markets.

I have already stepped on more toes in three months than most other members have in their entire tenures. I have been pushing on the CEO and the President to provide more transparency and to join the modern world. I have faced very strong pushback, and have been told that my emails and conversations are being noted in my file (like it’s elementary school lol), and that the board will discuss me. I figure it’s worth it as this will help and protect the club, and most members I have talked to have said this is important to them.

Conspiracy Theory

I have a pet conspiracy theory. I think the Saudi’s and oil companies secretly fund protests and political attacks on nuclear power. Nuclear is the only truly scalable and viable option to oil. If you knock out nuclear, oil is the only choice. Solar, hydro, Geo and most other power sources can get lots of lip service, but just can’t meet demand.

Linkedin, Google Not Helping Stop Recruiting Scam

My company Coalition Technologies has recently discovered a scammer is impersonating recruiters from our company using gmail addresses and fake but similar domains to ours. We have reported this to the local police and FBI for assistance. This scam is active and ongoing and new victims 

The scam appears to be that the criminal uses fake Linkedin profiles (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-rodriguez-0ab0524/) they associate with our company (there is no way for us to remove these fake people as you can read here – https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/1589/removing-people-from-a-linkedin-page?lang=en). The scammer then uses misspelled versions of our domain registered at Google Domains such as http://coaitiontechnologies.com/, or http://coalitiontechnologie.com/ to do a fake interview with the candidate then send them a fake job offer. The interview is conducted from falsified gmail addresses such as interview.coalitiontech@gmail.com. The candidate is then sent a fake check for thousands of dollars and instructed to buy equipment using their debit / credit card from online vendors selected by the scammer. We believe the way the scam works is that this vendor is a front for stealing credit card information and possibly just the money processed. The scammer also will request a wire refund for an “overpayment”.

We have posted warnings about this scam on our Linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/company/coalition-technologies and also on our job application page https://app.testedrecruits.com/jobsListings/1/coalition-technologies. However, the scammer never directs people to visit either of these pages so many victims are missing it.

We are asking the victims to provide us all the information they can about the criminal (email headers with IP addresses, gmails used, domains used, vendors used, etc). We are compiling this and providing it to law enforcement. The only way to report the fraud is by having the victim report it here https://support.google.com/mail/answer/8253?hl=en or here https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/61664/reporting-fake-profiles?lang=en. There is no way to get someone at Google or Linkedin to systematically help us fight this fraud.

Linkedin and Google both make money from getting more users signed up, even if they are fake. There is no way to get fake employees removed from your company profile on Linkedin, Google Domains does not provide any method for doing a DMCA takedown of a domain name, and neither company will provide the IP addresses of the criminals.

If the criminals are in a foreign country, we intend to hire an attorney in that country to interface with their legal system and put political pressure to bring charges against these scammers. Thank you for your help in getting these criminals caught so they can’t continue to do this to other people and other companies. If you have run into any similar scams, please contact us at careers@coalitiontechnologies.com.

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

If everything this guy claims is true, I think he is insane. He purposefully seeks out situations that nearly kill him through physical output. He ran a frozen ultramarathon and thought he might lose toes, but kept going. But why? That’s insane. The right decision would be to quit and maybe try next year with better footwear. If you lose toes, you can’t keep running Ultras..

I like to do challenging activities, but none of them are worth dying or even being long term miserable for. Goggins seems to want to make himself continually physically miserable.

I’m on board with what you are saying. I think if there was a 1-100 scale for how much meaning can be found in very intense, single focused work Goggins would be 100 and I might be a 50. I enjoy immense challenges, and I rock climb because I loved the focus you get when you are in Joshua Tree on a precarious little hold and only complete single minded dedication will get you through to the finish and a fall means possible serious consequences. But I actually find deeper meaning in relationships with my wife, family, and friends. I also enjoy a good book or solving an interesting problem or the basic physical pleasures of food, sex, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I went for a beautiful six mile run in the pouring rain yesterday and loved it. I also golf way more than any of the guys at the club. Going too far down this path seems a little like the guys who only do bench press… Other muscle groups are also important. Goggins had to stop his intense exercise to round himself out with stretching, I think that metaphor makes sense.