The platform is a great movie

Laurel and I watched the science fiction movie The Platform last night. We were both very entertained. It’s basically a movie of a man in a prison where a platform of food starts at the top level and slowly goes downward. The people at the bottom level get no food because the people at the top eat it all.… read more “The platform is a great movie”

Low Oil Prices are Good

Low oil prices help consumers worldwide by lowering their gas prices, lowering transportation costs for their goods and services.

High oil prices help dictatorships that sell oil to stay in power. High oil prices prop up Putin, MBS, and a range of other pseudo-kings.

So why is Trump trying to prop up oil prices in collusion with dictators?… read more “Low Oil Prices are Good”

What do we value?

During a time of global crisis it is helpful to reflect upon what what we most value. What does American society spend more money on than anything else? What do we invest the most time, effort, and funds into?

Imagine if we had 1,347,106 scientists and doctors working full time ready to go and fight this virus and solve medical and scientific problems.… read more “What do we value?”

TimeDoctor vs ActivTrak vs Hubstaff

I have been running a company that is almost entirely remote for 10 years with over 180 employees. I know a lot of companies because of the quarantine now have to have their employees work remotely. I have some advice to all of you. Use TimeDoctor with screenshots and webcam shots. I also have previously used ActivTrak and Hubstaff and the feature set of each of those is not nearly as good as what is provided by TimeDoctor.

The Virus War

Read this article recommended by Bill Gates, who over the last twenty years turned himself from one of the world’s best programmers and best businessman, into one of the world’s lead foremost authority on disease.

If the incompetent, selfish, and very disordered response from politicians to the virus continues, we will see modern civilization dissolve around us.… read more “The Virus War”