Washington State People Not Trustworthy

When I lived in California, I purchased three vehicles over the years. Every single vehicle was just as the seller told me and worked well for years.

Since I have moved to Washington State, I have purchased three pieces of heavy equipment and two of them have had severe problems the seller lied about. I have also purchased three vehicles here and two of them have had severe problems.… read more “Washington State People Not Trustworthy”

Putin puts nuclear forces on alert | Reuters


Putin is doing this to try to intimidate Western leaders into silence. It’s just continued bullying. The right answer to this behavior is to ignore it and smash his invading army in Ukraine. And to notify him that any use of nuclear, biological, chemical weapons will result in the death of him, his family, and all of his allies and friends.… read more “Putin puts nuclear forces on alert | Reuters”

Weight lifting, cardio, exercise.

I did weight lifting for years in my 20’s… I could squat 500+ lbs, bench 325 lbs several times, do 25 consecutive pullups with a wide grip or narrow grip, etc. I looked like a bodybuilder.

Then I did Crossfit for several years in my late twenties… more cardio, a bit less weights.

Then rock climbing for several years in my early thirties.… read more “Weight lifting, cardio, exercise.”

Ukraine Conflict / Russian Invasion

My big picture opinion on the Ukraine Conflict: Dictators Putin and Jinping are ramping up invasions of Ukraine and Taiwan to capture new territory as free nations have done nothing to support their previous subjugation of Crimea and Hong Kong. Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s used a similar strategy of gradually conquering more and more territory while free nations twiddled their thumbs.… read more “Ukraine Conflict / Russian Invasion”

Industrial Revolution Abolished Slavery

I think cycling gives me a much greater appreciation for modern power generation. The people who came before us for a hundred thousand years had our intelligence, they just had to do tons of work to get even basic tasks done. I think the industrial revolution was what actually abolished slavery; prior to that most human societies utilized various forms of it.… read more “Industrial Revolution Abolished Slavery”

Is the Free World Under Attack?

Putin and Jinping, dictators of Russia and China respectively, could be actively waging a secret war on the free world.

First, we have massive social media disinformation and divisive content meant to destroy unity in democracies going out from armies of trolls in Russia and China.

Second, we have a global pandemic that has suspicious origins, and has caused much more severe disruptions in free nations than those that are in bondage.… read more “Is the Free World Under Attack?”

Injury Risk

Are thrilling sports like high speed bike racing, rock climbing and others worth the risk?

I did a ton of rock climbing, flag football (occasional full speed collisions), etc. Then while rollerblading found I was not invulnerable… And that injuries, while they can heal, many times can be permanently debilitating. In my opinion, no thrill is worth sacrificing a life of enjoyment and health.… read more “Injury Risk”