Best Cycling Computer Game Idea

I would like to see a cycling computer game that combines the following:

  • Open world with multiplayer and teamwork similar to World of Warcraft. Find a way to have a much simpler and less involved keyboard though. Basically, control everything from your phone and not have to continuously be clicking on it.
  • Gaming elements that allow for either very intense sprint workouts with max heart rates for short periods, or allowing for endurance efforts of six or twelve hours if someone chose.
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Indoor bike / treadmill = game controller?

I have been reading some articles lately about the various apps for indoor training platforms… Zwift, Rouvy, CVRcade, Peloton, etc, etc.
I think all of them are missing something… they all try in various ways to replicate the experience of actually doing the activity in question outdoors (running outside or riding in a race with people).… read more “Indoor bike / treadmill = game controller?”

The Internet Is Now Terrifying

As a person who, in a very small bit part, has helped to build the internet, I am surprised to find that I am terrified of it.

I am embarrassed to admit that I got sucked into unhealthy rabbit holes online today. I started the day well, getting up at 6 am and programming on a new tool I am building and handling emails that came into my company.… read more “The Internet Is Now Terrifying”

Idea: Inflation Taxation

What would happen if we did away with the income tax, sales tax, estate tax, property tax, and all other taxes?

The government could simply finance itself by printing money / inflation. Let’s say the government total expenditures were 5% of GDP each year, then you would simply have 5% inflation.

This would solve all the problems we have with income inequality, worthless heirs of the wealthy hoarding riches, and of very complex and expensive IRS and CPA work.… read more “Idea: Inflation Taxation”