Wells Fargo Review: Terribly Incompetent Bank

I have banked with Wells Fargo for my business (Coalition Technologies) since I founded it.  I have had nothing but annoyances, constant upsells, and mistakes made by Wells Fargo during the entire time I have used them.  My review of Wells Fargo is based on a lot of experience with a bank that could care less about its customers, employees who are severely incompetent, and back-end team who regularly misplaces my money.… read more “Wells Fargo Review: Terribly Incompetent Bank”

Twilio Complaint: No Customer Support!

I spend a lot of money on Twilio and have spent even more money developing 3 applications that run on Twilio’s API.  Through all of this I have received almost no support or help for my application and now that they are having problems on their side my applications don’t work and I have no one to talk to!  … read more “Twilio Complaint: No Customer Support!”

Frida is Racist


Frida and I are sitting in the apartment buildings media room. She started growling and barking at the window so i thought there would be another dog or something…

Instead I look out the window and there is a little black boy playing chess with his father.