Wells Fargo Review: Terribly Incompetent Bank

I have banked with Wells Fargo for my business (Coalition Technologies) since I founded it.  I have had nothing but annoyances, constant upsells, and mistakes made by Wells Fargo during the entire time I have used them.  My review of Wells Fargo is based on a lot of experience with a bank that could care less about its customers, employees who are severely incompetent, and back-end team who regularly misplaces my money.

Why is Wells Fargo so big when they are obviously so incompetent?

Starting a new bank is virtually impossible in America and takes huge amounts of capital and time and effort to get through byzantine regulations and rules.  This means the existing banks have almost no new competition.  The lack of startups & competitors in the space means that the original players get really huge no matter how incompetent they are because consumers don’t have choices (see the fact that I am stuck with Wells Fargo).

Twilio Complaint: No Customer Support!

I spend a lot of money on Twilio and have spent even more money developing 3 applications that run on Twilio’s API.  Through all of this I have received almost no support or help for my application and now that they are having problems on their side my applications don’t work and I have no one to talk to!  UGH!

I would recommend against using Twilio.com for other people, but now I am stuck with it since I have invested so much.

Frida is Racist


Frida and I are sitting in the apartment buildings media room. She started growling and barking at the window so i thought there would be another dog or something…

Instead I look out the window and there is a little black boy playing chess with his father.