1and1.com Web Hosting Review: CRITICAL DOWNTIME!

I have used 1and1.com fairly extensively for my own servers and have had a multitude of problems with them, especially when it comes to billing and web hosting downtime.

Today, 1and1.com had a outage that affected all of their dedicated server clients (including my two servers an M & an XL).  The sites were out of commission for over 7 hours.  … read more “1and1.com Web Hosting Review: CRITICAL DOWNTIME!”

Old Americans Today Are Selfish & Ruining the Country

Question: Why is America so far in debt? Why is our deficit growing bigger and bigger? Why is our national debt over $14.5 trillion? Why are individual states and the federal government itself on the verge of bankruptcy?

Answer: Selfish, greedy old people.

Offensive answer? Yes. But give me a chance to explain myself with data.… read more “Old Americans Today Are Selfish & Ruining the Country”

1 And 1 Web Hosting Review: Terrible

1And1.com web hosting is a terrible service.  Their billing department is an absolute nightmare to deal with and won’t accept payment on late charges, but refer the customer to NCO Financial (which is a scam organization that has $12 credit card processing fees for $20 late payment owed).  I just had such a poor experience with 1and1.com… read more “1 And 1 Web Hosting Review: Terrible”