1and1.com Web Hosting Review: CRITICAL DOWNTIME!

I have used 1and1.com fairly extensively for my own servers and have had a multitude of problems with them, especially when it comes to billing and web hosting downtime.

Today, 1and1.com had a outage that affected all of their dedicated server clients (including my two servers an M & an XL).  The sites were out of commission for over 7 hours.  … read more “1and1.com Web Hosting Review: CRITICAL DOWNTIME!”

Old Americans Today Are Selfish & Ruining the Country

Question: Why is America so far in debt? Why is our deficit growing bigger and bigger? Why is our national debt over $14.5 trillion? Why are individual states and the federal government itself on the verge of bankruptcy?

Answer: Selfish, greedy old people.

Offensive answer? Yes. But give me a chance to explain myself with data.… read more “Old Americans Today Are Selfish & Ruining the Country”

1 And 1 Web Hosting Review: Terrible

1And1.com web hosting is a terrible service.  Their billing department is an absolute nightmare to deal with and won’t accept payment on late charges, but refer the customer to NCO Financial (which is a scam organization that has $12 credit card processing fees for $20 late payment owed).  I just had such a poor experience with 1and1.com web hosting’s billing department, specifically Damien at 877-300-8316 extension 2524, that I am going to move all of my sites out of their hosting environment as soon as it is convenient and will not create any new hosting accounts with them for either myself or for my customers.