Fear of Death vs The Grand Cycle

Most humans are afraid of dying. I myself don’t want to die… if you offered me a way to become immortal, I would take it. I enjoy life and would like to extend mine as long as I can.

That is the wrong attitude though. We humans only have a 0.1% difference in genetics between even people from different continents.… read more “Fear of Death vs The Grand Cycle”

Border Walls Are Stupid, Evil, And Racist

Border walls are stupid. China built the Great Wall and it completely failed to stop invaders from coming through many times. The amount of energy and expense it takes to put up a wall is far less effective than other means of defense.

Border walls are evil. I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, “if you don’t like it here then move to another country”.… read more “Border Walls Are Stupid, Evil, And Racist”

Criminalize Fake News

I spoke with two men recently who shared my political philosophy of libertarianism. However, when we talked about current issues we were on opposite sides of the table. The only reason for this was they read one news source and I read another. We believed different facts. Truth however is real and one of us is wrong.… read more “Criminalize Fake News”

Best Free Beginner Golf Lessons – How I Dropped 40 Strokes

I had never played golf in my life before six months ago, but I have taken up the game in a big way since then. I have improved massively over that time – my first few rounds were 128’s, but my round yesterday I scored an 88! I dropped 40 strokes in just six months.

I am not some gifted athlete; my wife regularly reminds me she is far more athletic than I am.… read more “Best Free Beginner Golf Lessons – How I Dropped 40 Strokes”