Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning already has a hall of fame career, but starting this season with 16 touchdowns in 4 games with 0 interceptions puts him on a whole different plane. He is looking like the greatest player to ever pick up a football at this point.

Legal Wrangling

I have been doing a bit of legal wrangling lately, and have found that I actually really enjoy it. Maybe I should have been a lawyer! Researching into the intricacies of the law and previous case histories is quite interesting.

Sender One Review

I really enjoyed my visit to Chris Schwarma’s new rock climbing gym in Orange County called Sender One. The walls there are an enormous 45 feet tall (compared to 20-25 feet at my gym Rockreation). Super fun place to be.
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I went with Kristin, Ali, Lyssa, Brett, Katie, Jenny, and Arnell yesterday and we climbed for four hours or so.… read more “Sender One Review”

The Importance of Resumes

Many people seem to neglect their resumes or think that they aren’t very important. Those people have never been recruiters before. Recruiters job is not to find reasons to say yes, but instead to find reasons to say no. Mistakes on a resume are an easy way for me to say no to a candidate. If you have misspellings, grammatical errors, unexplained holes in the years you worked, or a resume not targeted at the job you are applying for I will likely throw your application out and move on to the next candidate.