U.S. Government May Bailout Auto Companies

Now that the United States government has cast aside its free market ideals in the wake of the subprime mortgage & credit crises, it is planning on expanding its reach from just banks to auto companies and perhaps ailing steel and airline companies. General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are at the front of this line of poorly managed companies begging for bailout cash.… read more “U.S. Government May Bailout Auto Companies”

UW Husky Football Coach Ty Willingham Fired

University of Washington Athletic Director Scott Woodward has said that Ty Willingham will step down at the end of the season and Willingham has confirmed that this was not his decision.‚  Tyrone Willingham has a 0-7 record this season and the Husky football team has not shown itself to be competitive in football games.

Who will the next UW Husky football coach be?‚ … read more “UW Husky Football Coach Ty Willingham Fired”