AI ChatGPT SEO Spam Example

I had this article link posted in a comment on a forum about Kubota 3350 regen issues.

You can tell it was written by ChatGPT as it is well written but has obvious factual inaccuracies.

Someone (and probably lots of people) is trying to build a link network using chatgpt automatically now.

This was part of my prediction that Google is eventually have to discount everything written by AI.

Kubota 3350b Regen DPF Issues SOLUTION!

I have had tons of issues with the terrible DPF system on my Kubota 3350b. The Regen light would come on and would not go off. Eventually it would demand parked regen. That would fail too and it would beep once a second until I took it to the dealer.

I noticed this did not happen in the summer, just in the winter and spring and fall.… read more “Kubota 3350b Regen DPF Issues SOLUTION!”

Why You Can’t Trust Products To Be Safe: The LLC

A high percentage of products available to consumers are unsafe. Tobacco, alcohol, and asbestos are obvious examples from the past, but things like microplastics and polyester are being shown to be hazardous to human health as well.

Why do companies sell products they know to be bad? Simple: the Limited Liability Company. No owner or shareholder or manager would knowingly allow a bad product to be sold if there was no such thing as limited liability – they would worry they could be sued forever into the future for hurting people.… read more “Why You Can’t Trust Products To Be Safe: The LLC”’s Scam… My review of the paid service

I am a paying $40/ mo customer of I discovered that they get customers to stay on for longer subscriptions by putting their jobs in a pending queue that takes days rather than simply automatically approving them like everyone else does. Super unfortunate and a total ripoff.

AND they don’t tell you no refunds are provided under any circumstances.… read more “’s Scam… My review of the paid service”