Joel’s Personal Philosophy

My personal philosophy is a compendium of ideas.

The purpose of life is reproduction.

The more effort you put into life, the easier and happier life gets.

Here is a simple list of what I think will most impact your life happiness and success. I think you should avoid being envious of others people’s supposedly fabulous lives, and focus on improving your own.… read more “Joel’s Personal Philosophy”

Joel’s Business Philosophy

My philosophy on business is that each company needs to take care of its stakeholders. Stakeholders include team members, customers, shareholders, and the world at large. A business must profitable and be very careful about debt and cash flow issues or it will not be able to take care of stakeholders.

The four levels of employee productivity – try to reach level 4.… read more “Joel’s Business Philosophy”

Joel’s Political Philosophy

I want to try to summarize my political philosophy overall in one place with links to the subjects. I have thought about this for a long time from a lot of angles. Currently this is only a partial list.

All government should be guided by First Principles for Human Rights. We should also recognize that the world is becoming a much better place.… read more “Joel’s Political Philosophy”

Remove Limits on New Doctors

Insurance companies are often used as the punching bag for healthcare costs. In reality, insurance companies are just a payment method for the true cost – enormously expensive doctors. Insurance companies are portrayed as having crazy profits, but in reality the insurance company Cigna has a profit margin of 6%.

The American Medical Association realized a century ago that medical care demand is inelastic… Basically if you need medical care, you will pay any price to get it.… read more “Remove Limits on New Doctors”

Rent Control Is Severely Misguided

I own no rental properties and have long been a tenant myself.

The main driver of high rents is simple supply and demand. If you have lots of people who need to rent apartments, and only a few apartments then prices will rise.

The solution to high rents is to build lots more apartments… Then landlords have to compete on price and the average rents will come way down.… read more “Rent Control Is Severely Misguided”