Major Terror Attacks

As technology continues to advance at an exponentially increasing pace, mankind becomes more and more vulnerable to terrorist attacks by a single person or small group that has mass casualties numbering in the thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions.

In 1995, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and injured over 600 people acting on his own beliefs that the US government was a bully taking people’s freedoms.… read more “Major Terror Attacks”

Life is good for all of us now!

Life is good, compared to most other humans of today and most other humans in history. For example, look at previous times:

  • In 2005 there were no smartphones
  • In 1990 there was no internet, not really common PCs, no video games
  • During the 60s and 70s there was less freedom of movement, no real way to move to a new city and find your way around easily, harder to get information
  • In world war 2, there was shortages of essential supplies, people lived in fear, there was massive slaughter, no freedoms, no travel
  • In 1900, there were no airplanes and the automobile was in it’s infancy.
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Allergies in Bed

I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning my nose feels all clogged up and my throat slightly swollen. I am not sick, I think it is allergies to my old dust and mite infested pillows. I am going to try to vacuum under my bed and also get new pillows and hopefully that will solve the issue.


My grandma told me yesterday that I was my mother’s son… in reference to the fact that I seek out battles sometimes unnecessarily. If I get mad about something, I tend to very aggressively attack the issue and sometimes those people around the issue. Yesterday, I discovered a company was trying to rip me off in my contract, so I have been trying to get help.… read more “Battles”

Trump Might Just Be a Distraction

This is not a conspiracy theory. I don’t think that Donald Trump’s election and the ensuing circus is an intentional distraction from some nefarious plan.

However, I believe the greatest risk to mankind right now is the ongoing development of artificial intelligence. The development of a superintelligence that far surpasses humanities intellect would result in essentially a new apex predator on our planet that would outcompete us for resources.… read more “Trump Might Just Be a Distraction”

Team Lead One on Ones

I find it very helpful to have my team leads conduct one on one meetings with my team members. They review work and priorities to be done, previous work that has already been completed, and discuss any other outstanding issues. I am planning on talking to my team about this in our Monday company meeting. Hopefully it is something that will continue to deliver better results to Coalition’s clients!