Social Rejection and Romantic Rejection

Social rejection is a situation which arises many times in life and various people react to it in different ways. Social and romantic rejection occurs when a person or a group of people deliberately exclude another person or group.

There are people who avoid rejection at all costs and thus never take any risks or put themselves in a situation where they could be rejected.… read more “Social Rejection and Romantic Rejection”

Policeman Vs. Fireman

Highly entertaining police versus firefighters video. The funny video shows how the life of a fireman and a policeman differ.

Policeman Perry “I’m not going to lie. I get shot at.”

Fireman Jake: “I got laid three times.”

Policeman Perry: “UGH!”

Fireman Jake- “It’s those chicks… where?… bathroom? Be there in a second. Later dude.”

Fireman Jake- “I pulled a train with three waitresses.… read more “Policeman Vs. Fireman”


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The 12 Ton Air & Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Lock Technology Brake Rotor Clamp
Fret Guitars White Acoustic Guitar
Fret Guitar Blue Electric Guitar with Belt
Bench Kit for Ammco Lathes
Engine Powered Reciprocating Air Compressor
Belengift Pure Gold Care Package
Paramount Viness Memory Foam Topper For Bed
Bazooka Explorer Black 6 Speed Bicycle
Home Star Planetarium
Embassy Italian Stone Genuine Leather Jumbo Purse
Embassy Black Faux Leather Purse and Wristlet Set
Check Out Britney 14K Yellow Gold Child’s Bracelet with Cultured Pearl
Silver Joe Coffee – Vanilla Flavor
Genisys Deluxe Kit with USA 2005 Domestic ABS and Air Bag
Aira Mink Eyelashes
ALC Keysco Siphon Feed Sand Blaster Kit
Chef’s Secret 14 Piece 12 Element Cookware Set
Emerson Unconventional Edged Weapons – Set of 5 DVD’s

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Seattle Critical Mass Bicyclists Assaults Motorist

What is Critical Mass?

“Critical Mass” is a movement of bicyclists trying to assert their rights to the road. Bicyclists do have a right to the road, but they need to be just as careful and considerate as motorists do. I commuted every day on bicycle to and from work in Seattle until I moved in close enough to just walk, so I understand the concerns of these bicyclists intimately.… read more “Seattle Critical Mass Bicyclists Assaults Motorist”