Olympia Police Lay Down the Law

Tara and I were walking around downtown Olympia when we saw two blue uniformed police officers walking towards us. The black cop stopped me and asked, “How tall are you?”


“Sir, would you mind dating a girl who is just a bit taller? It’s not fair to the rest of us!”

National Debt Situation

A while back I did several posts on the national debt situation in America.  I haven’t done any since, not because the problem was resolved but because the problem only has gotten much worse.

America is like a foolish 18 year old girl who loves MySpace and her dog, but doesn’t understand the concepts of fiscal responsibility or basic debt management.… read more “National Debt Situation”

Big Man, Little Car: Riding in a Scion

I am staying with my girlfriend Tara in Seattle and driving her car from place to place. Unfortunately I am significantly too big for this car: my head almost pokes up through the sun roof and even with the seat all the way back my knees touch the dash.

The Scion is a damned clown car.… read more “Big Man, Little Car: Riding in a Scion”

7 Complaints About the World

7 funny complaints about the world in general:

  1. The majority of the global population believes in creationism, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary.
  2. Sex, one of the greatest pleasures ever, brings the risk of little creatures nesting in your pubes and feasting on your privates.
  3. We spend years and years working under incompetent idiot bosses who have no lives outside of work until our souls are broken and we finally become what we hated.
read more “7 Complaints About the World”

Seattle Traffic Worse than LA

As a fresh LA transplant, I have discovered Seattles traffic is much worse than the traffic in LA. Los Angeles is just a much larger city so it still takes longer to get somewhere. But to travel 2 miles through Seattle takes two or three times as long as travelling 2 miles in LA does.