7 Complaints About the World

7 funny complaints about the world in general:

  1. The majority of the global population believes in creationism, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary.
  2. Sex, one of the greatest pleasures ever, brings the risk of little creatures nesting in your pubes and feasting on your privates.
  3. We spend years and years working under incompetent idiot bosses who have no lives outside of work until our souls are broken and we finally become what we hated.
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Seattle Traffic Worse than LA

As a fresh LA transplant, I have discovered Seattles traffic is much worse than the traffic in LA. Los Angeles is just a much larger city so it still takes longer to get somewhere. But to travel 2 miles through Seattle takes two or three times as long as travelling 2 miles in LA does.

Blindside Book Review

I read the book Blindside by Michael Lewis on the plane ride from Los Angeles to Seattle today. Blindside is the real life tale of Michael Oher coming up out of poverty in Memphis to become a big time NFL left tackle. I thought the book was fairly well-written and whipped through it quickly. The author Michael Lewis was too close to his subject matter though and he tried to cram his worldview down the readers necks.… read more “Blindside Book Review”


I have had nothing to eat today since this morning. Ravenous doesn’t even begin to describe my appetite. The people walking around me look like tasty lumps of meat. Visions of baby tartare, ab jerky and human filet mignon are starting to appear to me. I am about to turn tribal.

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