Accidental Perverse Incentives

Many government regulations are set up by smart people with the best of intentions. Government regulations are an extraordinarily powerful tool and quite frequently the results of those regulations are the opposite of what people had originally intended. A few examples:

  • National parks were originally set up to be “pleasuring grounds” – areas all Americans to recreate and enjoy.
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Bipartisanship Needed To Fight The Return Of Global Slavery

America needs true bipartisanship to fight the return of slavery around the world and right here at home. I built a business from scratch without any outside funding or partners that now employs 270 full time employees, and the study of economic and political systems has been a big factor in my success. Slavery comes in many disguises, but is at its root the loss of individual freedom to choose what to do with your life.… read more “Bipartisanship Needed To Fight The Return Of Global Slavery”

Stock Market Hours Need To Be Reduced

The stock market is essentially a giant auction for shares of stocks. The fact that it runs 5 days a week all day long everyday means that at any given point in time there are only a few people willing to transact. That leads to much greater bid ask spreads which hurts the average investor. The average financier can sit there and watch the stock market all day long everyday is often able to take advantage of people who have to sell and there’s no buyers or people who have to buy when there’s no sellers.… read more “Stock Market Hours Need To Be Reduced”

Saudi Arabia, Iraq Supporting Russia’s War on Ukraine with Oil Output Cut

Iraq should be a US province now instead of being run by semi-warlords. What a waste of money and time and blood and sweat and tears to remove the evil dictator who ran Iraq just to turn it over to new ones. Saudi Arabia has long been an evil dictatorship, committing genocide against it’s neighbors and enslaving migrant workers via indentured servitude.… read more “Saudi Arabia, Iraq Supporting Russia’s War on Ukraine with Oil Output Cut”