The AMA has an anticompetitive monopoly where they limit the number of seats at medical schools and keep medical costs sky high since demand is inelastic and disguise it by blaming insurance companies. It’s why reforms never work here. 27% of our GDP is stolen by doctors and hospitals. They keep supply smaller than demand so doctors and hospitals literally charge thousands an hour.… read more “AMA”

#2 Out of 4,600 racers in Zwift Classics in my category

This was a seven week series on Zwift called the Zwift Classics. I am by far not the best rider in my category, but I had a good time slot for my races and a very strong group of competitors to draft. Every week saw me setting personal bests! Super happy with my performance. The guy who beat me, Frank the tank, has pro level power at 400 watts.… read more “#2 Out of 4,600 racers in Zwift Classics in my category”

QuickBooks Online Sends $55,000 Out Incorrectly And Won’t Fix It: My Review

We have been QuickBooks online customers for over a decade and for the last few years QuickBooks online has gotten significantly worse and the support is absolutely atrocious. This is my personal opinion in this review. This week things have really come to a head:

On August 25th, 42 team members received a duplicate payment. That was equal to about $55,000 deducted from our accounts.… read more “QuickBooks Online Sends $55,000 Out Incorrectly And Won’t Fix It: My Review”

Banning Oil Is a Bad Idea

Another highly unpopular opinion: Banning gas vehicles is a really bad idea.

California just passed rules that will ban the sale of new gas vehicles entirely by 2035 with a phase in period starting in 2026. Washington state, Oregon, and New York are all adopting the rule.

I know that there are very serious concerns about the impact of internal combustion engines on the environment.… read more “Banning Oil Is a Bad Idea”

California votes to ban new gas car sales by 2035 – CNN

This destroys our safety. All of our food and other products we use daily come from heavy trucking, shipping. All food is grown using diesel tractors, and oil derived fertilizer.

The only power strong enough to power these items even theoretically is oil or miniaturized nuclear plants. No battery even at it’s theoretical limits can power these.… read more “California votes to ban new gas car sales by 2035 – CNN”

Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Impacts Millions, Raises Inflation Questions |

Most people who go to college should not go to college. The US government needs to stop giving massive handouts to education special interests. College tuition has been skyrocketing in price, while the quality of education goes down. Administrators get rich, while taxpayers and students get screwed.

It’s time to dismantle the current system and allow new systems to spring up to replace them.

Fixing US Education

The root problem with the US education system is the same thing with the rest of US government programs:

There is no bankruptcy mechanism for government agencies.

Bankruptcy removes poorly run private companies from the marketplace. There is no such mechanism for government agencies… so poorly run agencies remain in place a hundred years after they lost their effectiveness.… read more “Fixing US Education”