Psychoactive Chemicals

A good general rule of thumb is that psychoactive chemicals of any kind are a net negative to humans. This includes alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, harder drugs, and even prescription drugs. Our bodies are incredibly finely tuned machines that our best science only understands partially. We do know that eating healthy (vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, meats) increases happiness and productivity.… read more “Psychoactive Chemicals”

NAPA Auto Parts – Eatonville Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts – Eatonville Auto Parts (360) 832-6272

I had an incredibly good customer service experience here at NAPA Auto parts in Eatonville with the owner of the shop Dave. Dave spent well over an hour helping me redo the bearings on my idler pulley and my auto tensioner for my excavator. I will be coming back here for life!… read more “NAPA Auto Parts – Eatonville Auto Parts”

Solution to Immigration Crisis

Immigration is generally a good thing and America should have open borders. I have a solution to the heavy immigration crisis though: fix the problems in Venezuela that are forcing people to flee their country by overthrowing the dictator Maduro with military force and make Venezuela the 51st state. People there can have a pathway to US citizenship through military service or paying taxes.… read more “Solution to Immigration Crisis”