LiteCommerce Designers & Developers in Los Angeles | LiteCommerce Review

So you’re thinking about using LiteCommerce to build and maintain your ecommerce store. Let me guess: you saw the words “free ecommerce solution” and decided to give it a try. Or maybe you’re just a savvy Web consumer and are trying to see if the platform is right for you before hitting that “Install” button. Well, I think I may be able to give you a bit of perspective.… read more “LiteCommerce Designers & Developers in Los Angeles | LiteCommerce Review”

Singularity: Rapture For The Nerds

What is the Singularity: Singularity is the theory that technological innovation is increasing at an exponential rate and will reach a point where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence and is then able to create higher intelligences even faster than before. What happens at that point is unpredictable to human minds because we would be unable to comprehend it.  … read more “Singularity: Rapture For The Nerds”

Yahoo Merchant Store SEO Agency | How Yahoo Merchant Store Works with SEO

Ecommerce is big business, not just for you, but for the companies that enable you to be a part of the ecommerce revolution without wasting countless hours coding your website. I’m talking about the shopping cart platforms and content management systems that enable you to build and manage your store with the click of a button, like, for instance, the Yahoo Merchant Store.… read more “Yahoo Merchant Store SEO Agency | How Yahoo Merchant Store Works with SEO”

BigCommerce Web Designers | BigCommerce CEO Gets “Personal”

1I was recently reading an article penned by Mitchell Harper, one of the CEOs of BigCommerce. For those unaware, BigCommerce is one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, enabling even the most technologically impaired online business owners to build and manage complex web stores as easily as if they were managing a WordPress blog. In his article, Harper waxed philosophic about how ecommerce has “gone too far in eliminating the middleman.”… read more “BigCommerce Web Designers | BigCommerce CEO Gets “Personal””