BigCommerce vs Shopify vs Magento vs Volusion vs 3DCart

Do you manage an online business? If you want to earn the maximum revenue, your business website must have user-friendly buying options, a conversion-optimized layout and search-optimized pages. Your site also needs the kind of professional appearance that will help you to build your brand and leave a good impression on potential buyers. As the founder of one of L.A.’s… read more “BigCommerce vs Shopify vs Magento vs Volusion vs 3DCart”


I am thankful for many things this Christmas Eve:

  • My great supportive family – brothers, grandparents, extended family
  • Good group of friends – Jarek, Fletch, Nick, Justin, Shawn, Kenny
  • Living in a free country with free enterprise where I can start and run my business as I see fit (for the most part)
  • Crossfit for helping me round out my fitness
  • Rock climbing for challenging me mentally and physically
  • The awesome team I have at Coalition who are helping to build amazing sites and achieve great client results


Incremental Life Hacks Lead to Vast Improvement

I have discovered that small incremental life hacks stacked upon one another over time leads to a vast improvement in your quality of life.  What are some examples of incremental life hacks that I use?

  • I do burpees each morning, adding an additional one each day.
  • I do some form of exercise each day (rock climbing, Crossfit, basketball, flag football, hiking, etc)
  • Use a spreadsheet that emails me each morning and asks me to update it.
read more “Incremental Life Hacks Lead to Vast Improvement” I love it!

For those of you who have not yet tried, I strongly recommend it.  Tons of smart, well-written advice from successful people.  It is really helpful for getting expert opinions on just about any topic.