10k Record

My Endomondo app tracks my runs I have done for the last 6 months and says that yesterday I set a personal record in the 10k. However, I think it was the first 10k distance I’ve run in the last 6 months! Endomondo reported my time at 55:47 which worked out to an 8:59 average pace.… read more “10k Record”

Home Office

I am continuing to get my home office set up and it is coming along quite well! I have my sitting desk set up and am working to get my treadmill desk set up with a wireless access point for it.

Launching A New Application

I have been putting a ton of work into my ProvenRecruits software for recruiting. I feel like every time I fix one bug, I discover two more features or bug ideas that I need to work on. The app is slowly coming together though and I am very excited to onboard my first customers next week!

Life Lessons from Chess & Rocket League

I enjoy playing chess and Rocket League on occasion. I have definitely learned about myself from both:

  • Patience – I often am impatient in Chess and make moves faster than necessary before considering all options. I am trying to learn to wait and really think about everything first. Same with Rocket League, instead of just chasing the ball around the map like a little dog after a rabbit I am trying to watch the ball come in and then make a plan for how to handle it.
read more “Life Lessons from Chess & Rocket League”

Nervous about Remote Work

For the first time in seven years, I will be working remotely starting next week. I started the company from home, and after a little less than a year hired people to start working with me in my apartment. Three years of apartment work later, Coalition moved into an actual office in Culver City. I am nervous now about going back to remote work because I want to make sure I am able to keep my motivation up at a high level.… read more “Nervous about Remote Work”

Writing a book

I would eventually like to write a book or two. I am just too busy right now with the business though. I have had a few ideas and even outlined and started a couple. I had a fantasy book with gates where the character would level up. I thought about a nonfiction based on my early business years and relationships.

Run Today

Today, I did the Marine Fitness test again on the treadmill. I do feel like it is much easier to run on a treadmill then in real life, but I am still happy to report that I am improving. This time I was able to maintain a 8.2 mph pace / 7:18 per mile. My goal is to continue to increment this up 0.1 every week or so until I reach 10 mph!… read more “Run Today”