“Evil Empire” Microsoft Patents ‘Page Up’ & ‘Page Down’ Buttons

In 2005, Microsoft applied for a patent on the ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ buttons and on August 19, 2008 the US government granted them the patent.‚  Microsoft, also known as the “Evil Empire”, has a long history of stealing other people’s ideas and trying to patent them, including “double-clicking buttons” and the mouse scroll wheel.‚ … read more ““Evil Empire” Microsoft Patents ‘Page Up’ & ‘Page Down’ Buttons”

NFL “Fantasy File” Marketing & Advertising Campaign ROCKS!

How do you best sell the most popular sport in America to even more people? Doing so is a very tough proposition, but the NFL has recently come out with the most brilliant marketing and advertising campaign I have seen in a long time. The NFL simply has it’s superstar athletes perform superhuman feats. In some of the ads, receivers catch multiple balls without looking, in other ads giant men run through walls.… read more “NFL “Fantasy File” Marketing & Advertising Campaign ROCKS!”

Electric Water Temperature Gauge

The Electric Water Temperature Gauge is an effective tool to keep track of your trucks electric water temperature. Knowing the temperature will definitely benefit you because you can make sure that the water is not freezing or overheating. Any driver without one will be greatly disappointed when their vehicle fails. This device also comes with a lifetime warranty which is another great feature.

Atlanta School District of Clayton County Loses Accreditation

A school district in Clayton County has had its accreditation revoked for not meeting basic standards of education. Mark Elgart, the president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, announced that Clayton County and it’s 50,000 students would lose accreditation on Thursday. Clayton County Superintendent John Thompson, on hearing that over 2,000 students have already been withdrawn from the school system, said, “A storm came through and now the sun is shining.”… read more “Atlanta School District of Clayton County Loses Accreditation”