Atlanta School District of Clayton County Loses Accreditation

A school district in Clayton County has had its accreditation revoked for not meeting basic standards of education. Mark Elgart, the president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, announced that Clayton County and it’s 50,000 students would lose accreditation on Thursday. Clayton County Superintendent John Thompson, on hearing that over 2,000 students have already been withdrawn from the school system, said, “A storm came through and now the sun is shining.” Hmmm… Not sure how being the first school in 40 years to lose your accreditation counts as the “sun shining”, but to each his own.

So what do Clayton County school district students have to say about this?

One real student in the Clayton County School District actually posted this comment on the website:

this is some bull ** i am a 10 grader at nchs an we just lost are ***** accreditation. wat type of ** is this. u mutha ***as aint thinkin bout us wit yall ignerate ***** b***s.
-nchs student

HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAA… That was actually a REAL comment! I don’t think I could have invented better comments than that… but maybe I’ll give it a shot:

Us Clayton County School District students umberstand how to reed and rite. Me edumacation have been sooper!” – Clark County School District Student

FOOTBALL! FOOTBALLL! FOOOOOOOOTBALLLLL!!” Clayton County School District Student-Athlete


Do I still get my benefits and automatic annual salary increase?” Clayton County School District Teacher

I bought my Lamborghini with my own savings that I got from… errr…. my… DOESN’T MATTER!‚  I DID NOT SCREW OVER THE CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT AND SIPHON FUNDS TO OVERSEAS BANK ACCOUNTS!” Clayton County Schools Superintendent John Thompson

The other comments on the post actually get even more ridiculous than the ones that I made up.‚  Most of them are full of venomous racism aimed at the population of folks living inside of Clayton County.‚  The ignorant racists forget that their own trashy school districts are only marginally better performing than Clark County and that most of the South should have their school districts completely revamped due to rampant corruption and extremely poor standards of education.

What do you guys think about the Clark County School District losing its accreditation?

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