Wood Pallet Fires Blowing Up America

I was online yesterday, and I came across this insane graphic showing all the wood pallet fires across the country the past two years.
When I used to work at Home Depot, I would constantly get huge splinters in my hands from unloading wood pallets…. plastic pallets are far superior & safer.
Wood pallets piss me off, they’re bad for the environment and eyesore around my community.
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Buy Oxytocin: Cuddle And Bonding Hormones

National Public Radio (NPR), New York Times, WebMD and other websites have been running a lot of articles recently on new discoveries related to the hormone Oxytocin. Studies are showing that Oxytocin causes people to trust and bond with other far more easily.  For example, one study by scientist Dr. Paul Zak showed that college students who had the bonding hormone Oxytocin squirted into their nostrils were 80% more likely to give money to strangers.… read more “Buy Oxytocin: Cuddle And Bonding Hormones”

Sports is Like a War Without the Killing

Ted Turner has a famous quote: “Sports is Like a War Without the Killing”.

Is it true?

Ben Roethlisberger, Kobe Bryant, and Mike Tyson, all among the greatest in their respective sports, show that is definitely not true of rape.

Ray Lewis and OJ Simpson are just the most famous NFL players accused of murder.

Most athletes are able to buy their way out of criminal charges by paying off the defendants or their families in sealed deals.  … read more “Sports is Like a War Without the Killing”

Prompt Global Strike: Hit Anywhere on Earth in Under an Hour

Amazing new technology, dubbed “Prompt Global Strike”, enables the U.S. government to hit anything on earth in under an hour with a cruise missile carrying a huge conventional (non-nuclear) warhead.  These bombs can be directed with GPS to hit a target accurately down to a few feet away.

Lots of problems though with this project:

  • These missiles are very similar to missiles that carry nuclear warheads.
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Red Bull- Difference Between Love & Obsession

I rarely ever drink caffeine.  In my opinion its a powerful psychotropic drug that is very similar to cocaine.  Yes, I just ruined my chances at public office by admitting that I tried coke (a few times in college… not my cup of tea though).  Anyways caffeine is a drug that too many businesspeople I know can’t function without a cup of every morning.  … read more “Red Bull- Difference Between Love & Obsession”

Why I Don’t Hit Women

Other than spanking “naughty” girls, I don’t hit women.

A couple of guys I know occasionally slap or even punch women.  These guys are usually little dorks with some anger problems from a lifetime of rejection.  They gross me out.

Here’s why.

As a small, skinny kid my parents would occasionally slap or hit or throw things when they got angry.  … read more “Why I Don’t Hit Women”