US Healthcare Corruption

Our healthcare system is set up for the enrichment of doctors at the expense of patients. Here is a great article showing this yet again. When you go get a fast food hamburger for $1.49, you will only extremely rarely receive a poorly made burger or have a billing mistake or get food poisoning. So why are you virtually guaranteed to not get what you pay for and get overbilled anytime you visit a hospital?… read more “US Healthcare Corruption”

Fox News Distraction

Fox News top 15 stories today are all about an idiot named Jussie Smollett who apparently faked a hate crime attack on himself. I agree that Mr. Smollett should get jail time if this is a hoax, but it is deeply concerning that this series of stories is being used to bury a truly important national news story on a Republican governor who admitted to election fraud.… read more “Fox News Distraction”

Selling Kidneys Should Be Legal

We have a way to save people’s lives at a minimal cost, but we don’t use it. A kidney donor can directly save the life of someone who’s life is in immediate danger. However, donating a kidney requires the donor to undergo a major surgery and a lot of inconvenience. Right now, it is illegal to pay someone for their kidney, hence very few people donate.… read more “Selling Kidneys Should Be Legal”

Good Morning Ann!

I loved this post from NASA today. We are all lucky to be alive. How about if instead of spending billions building walls and going to war with each other, we try to help others instead? The very best way to destroy your enemies is to make them your friends.

We Don’t “Battle” Disease

I read this post by a fellow dying of cancer titled, “Leukemia Has Won”. I think this makes it sound like he had a moral failing and that is why he is now dying. The other side of the “Leukemia has won” coin is that “I have been defeated”… like he didn’t try hard enough. I am sure this fellow and others with cancer do everything possibly can to find a cure and heal themselves.… read more “We Don’t “Battle” Disease”

Negotiations Training

One of my primary duties as CEO of a company is to handle negotiations on behalf of my company. I have negotiated almost anything you can imagine at this point:

  • Office and apartment leases
  • Contractor repairs
  • Partnerships with other companies
  • Employee salaries
  • Lawsuit settlements
  • Prosecution
  • Client deals… I perfected this to a formula so my salespeople can do it themselves without me now.
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Old Man Frat

I joined a golf country club not too long ago. I have been surprised to discover the dynamics are very similar to the fraternity I was in during college. I thought old men with wives and houses and businesses would have a different approach.


  • Lots of politics, popular and unpopular guys, some corruption… lots of complaints about leadership
  • Fights over petty things.
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Conspiracy Theory

I have a pet conspiracy theory. I think the Saudi’s and oil companies secretly fund protests and political attacks on nuclear power. Nuclear is the only truly scalable and viable option to oil. If you knock out nuclear, oil is the only choice. Solar, hydro, Geo and most other power sources can get lots of lip service, but just can’t meet demand.

Movies vs Real Life Programming

Movie: Hero says, “Ok, let me hack the national citizens database and find the criminal”…. 15 seconds later – “I got him!”

Real life: Hero says, “Ok, let me build this web application… 3 days later – “My environment is up and running! Now to begin…”