What really happened in Afghanistan

Fantastic perspective. Stupid war where each tribe just said what Americans (or Pakistan or Iran) wanted to hear to get weapons to fight each other over land and water.

Julius Caesar talks about dealing with the same problems in France and Germany in his day… Lots of tribes that would ally with the Romans when it was convenient and fight them if there was an opportunity.… read more “What really happened in Afghanistan”


#1 key to success in business and life according to Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs – FOCUS – only doing one thing in life. Saying no to everything that is not that one thing. Working and grinding and thinking about that thing 24/7. Always asking yourself, “Will this help me at my one thing?”… read more “Focus”

Fashion and Jewelry

What is the difference between designer clothing and jewelry versus generic brands? https://newrepublic.com/article/121381/study-higher-income-inequality-correlates-luxury-consumerism. When I was poor, I tried to buy status symbols to give the appearance of success. I later learned that no one believed it. Fashion and jewelry are mostly a way to funnel money from the poor to the rich. I was a member of a elite golf and country club in LA – most members had net worth between $10 million to $5 billion.… read more “Fashion and Jewelry”

Ban Bitcoin

I agree with the benefits of a digital currency, but we need a proof of stake currency instead. It’s simply unsustainable that for the same energy to process a single transaction for Bitcoin, Visa processes 1.1 million transactions. https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption/. Bitcoin is anti-ESG.

Special Interests Destroying America

Right now in America we are struggling. It seems that people are most interested in taking everything they can out of the system for themselves.

People taking social security disability and medicare and unemployment benefits who are perfectly able to work are the biggest group.

Corporations on government subsidies and protections get even more money than individuals taking government benefits.… read more “Special Interests Destroying America”