SEO and Your Magento Store


Magento is a pretty sweet, all-in-one ecommerce business platform. If you already use one of the Magento products for your webstore, you no doubt admire the adaptability and complete services it offers its customers.

At Coalition Technologies, we work with Magento regularly, when it provides what our clients need to accomplish their business goals. In setting up a Magento store, you will need to decide between the three versions of Magento available on the market – Enterprise, Community and Go – all of which have a great deal to offer.

For the majority of folks reading this article, Magento Go will be an exceptional solution.

Magento Go – Is it Right for You?

Magento Enterprise is designed for fast growing or large businesses that require a great deal of technological flexibility and tailoring. And Magento Community is designed for tech savvy webstore owners who appreciate the benefits that open-source software has to offer.

But, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, there is also Magento Go, the platform that is just right for thousands of business owners everywhere.

Designed specifically for smaller business who need back end support and plenty of room to grow, Magento Go offers the best of product catalogs, comparison shopping, customer retention tools and store customization. Go’s power coupled with its keen market knowledge make it a formidable tool in your arsenal of success tricks.

And for the Win, SEO

Once you’ve chosen the platform with the best benefits for you, optimization will be your next big project. Product descriptions, landing pages, promotions, even your meta data…just about every part of your webstore will need Magento Go SEO attention.

SEO accuracy can take you from page 6 (aka, total invisibility) to page 1 of the search engines. Millions of webstores exist, and billions of customers are actively looking for a chance to buy the products they want. With all that competition and all that potential revenue waiting for you, you need to be at the head of the pack.  Existing isn’t enough. You need to lead.

Some important guidelines that people tend to forget:

  • Keep your web platform updated. SEO changes regularly as search engine algorithms are modified.
  • Generate useful and relevant content. Your customers know quality content when they see it, and so do the search engines.
  • If you make changes to your XML sitemap, resubmit it (how to).

We Know how to Lead

At Coalition Technologies, we know how to lead, because we do it every day. We are a go-to force in our own field. Our field, which by the way, is building and fine-tuning websites just like yours.

Sound good? We do it well. And we can do it for you.

Why not let us take a look at your site and give you a free quote on a Magento Go SEO campaign? We think you’ll be happily surprised by both the cost and the results.

Are you ready for the next level? Does your webstore need help producing or simply a good dose of Magento Go SEO to polish it? If so, call us today at 1-888-652-0637 to learn about our services and set up a free quote.


To Outsource or not to Outsource: That is the Question

Countless entrepreneurs have found themselves mulling over this question. The inspiration is there, but the work involved in bringing the idea to life is huge! Do you collaborate? Delegate? Or do you put in the hours yourself and take full credit?

To sort this dilemma out, go over a few fundamental issues.

What’s Your Skill Level?

The cool thing about having a great idea is that it’s all yours. But do you have the industry skills and the market savvy to get your idea out to the world?

There are only so many hours in a day, and it is highly likely that your friends and family enjoy seeing you from time to time. Do you have the time to develop this project yourself and get it off the ground?

Getting yourself an all-in-one business platform like Magento Enterprise can help a great deal with your learning curve and time management. The guesswork on many market fundamentals is removed when you use smart, steam-lined technology.

You’ve got to Know When to Hold’em

Is your business based on pivotal intellectual property? If so, you should seriously consider keeping your product knowledge-based work in-house.

On the other hand, if your business is primarily ecommerce base, then outsourcing doesn’t pose any particular risk and can be a very reasonable option.

Fetch. Sit. Create. No, Create Like This…

We all know someone who has to have control. You’re allowed to breathe around them as long as you breathe their way, right? Clients who aren’t satisfied until you read their mind, or expect the moon for pennies.

Do you feel a burning desire to readjust the dot on every i because the last person didn’t place it correctly? If so, keep your work at home. Outsourcing will only make you miserable!

Levels of Outsourcing

Of course, outsourcing isn’t all or nothing, which makes it a great option in today’s business world.

At Coalition Technologies, we collaborate and provide background accuracy. We work with you to tweak, sharpen and color until your website is as gorgeous and efficient as it can be.

We produce all aspects of website building and optimization, including

  • custom programming,
  • Magento Enterprise SEO,
  • email marketing, and much more!

If Magento Enterprise is your platform of choice, that’s fantastic. We work with Magento regularly and are experienced professionals when it comes to running a Magento Enterprise SEO campaign for your site.

Ask us about our reputation management services. You might be surprised what we can do for you, and by the results you get.

Our fees are reasonable, and our experience both diverse and extensive. We stay on top of market trends, SEO algorithms and analytics, and the latest in social media marketing tricks.

The best part is that we will do a professional quote for you, absolutely free – no obligation.

Call us today at 1-888-652-0367 and consider us as an outsourcing partner.

Is it Time to Break up With Your E-Commerce Platform?

For those of us working as developers in the business of website building, it is a common tale of frustration. It goes something like this:

“Once upon a time I was a business person with a dream and a perfect set-up of supporting technology to make my dreams come true. Now…not so much. I need [more/less] from my [platform/hosting/SEO/analytics/etc.]. I think this might be the end.”

When you’ve worked with an e-commerce platform company for quite a while, wanting something different can feel surprisingly traumatic. How do you know whether to make small changes or jump ship completely?

It’s You, Not Me

Consider this: As a business owner, it would be irresponsible to settle for less than you need.

Set aside the guilty feelings. This is a business relationship in which you bought service and product. Unless you signed a very strange contract, no rings or vows of forever were exchanged.

I Prefer More Power in my Relationships

The main reason to break up with your ecommerce platform is if you don’t have enough power. Power to do what?

  • Basic site maintenance – You should be able to do that yourself without help or interference from your developer.
  • Run a promotion without professional help – It’s your business, you should be able to accomplish its day-to-day tasks.
  • Run state-of-the art tools – Technology progresses with or without us. If you don’t keep up, your customer base (and therefore you) will suffer.
  • Be flexible – Your site should work with standard technology across the board. If it is so specialized that your developer has to do basic uploads, and your customers can’t access it from their devices, your business is being hurt.

It’s My Way or the Highway

See this picture? See how all the good stuff comes to the customer? That’s how it should be. That’s what you trade your money for.

Your customers, in turn, expect all those good things from you. If you can’t meet their needs, because of your current set-up, they will stop bringing you their money.

Three Cheers for Open Market Competition!

There’s nothing like competition to make industry providers knuckle down and do their best.

Every time you run customer analytics, update your product line or design a new promotion, you are competing to keep and grow your customer base. A good developer will do the same to keep you.

At Coalition Technologies, we pride ourselves on being and staying the best at website development. Our developers track market trends, study the latest SEO guidelines, and learn our customers’ needs so that we can meet them efficiently and at reasonable cost.

Bogged down with unwieldy technology? Tell us what your issues are. We will look your site over and give you a free quote on how to get it straightened out and working smoothly.

You should be your best. Call us today at 1-888-652-0637 to set up your free quote.


Forbes’ Top 25 Web Design Tips

Turns out the internet has officially been our friend for a solid 25 years now. And man do we appreciate it! The information world has become a tidy, more accessible place; and shopping has expanded into a resource much bigger than any of us could have imagined back in 1989.

In honor of these 25 years of technological progress, Forbes gathered up a list of 25 web design tips.

We have categorically summarized those tips below. Have a read. It’s good stuff!

Your Bottom Line

Stay focused on the point of your business, which is, in a word, clients. Not you, not your P&L statement, not your search rankings. Clients are your reason for existence and your bread and butter. Stay focused on meeting their needs, and the rest will fall into place.

That’s a promise.

Smart Spoon Feeding

Remember that one person in your life who demands everything they want right now? Yeah…that’s the online audience. No insult intended here. With so much information and all those websites out there competing for their attention, they can afford to be that picky.

How to be the site they settle on:

  • Ensure your website design runs efficiently. You have a magical few seconds to grab their attention. Make your headlines short and catchy, your first fold pages complete, and your website fast.
  • Keep your content fresh and relative. Your presence on the web needs to be active, accurate to your clients’ needs, and straightforward.
  • Use foundational knowledge. There are proven things that work, use them. Visual texture, embedded videos, contrasting text, social media, even font size, are all things that matter to the reader.
  • Similarly, use technology that works. No need to spend a bunch of money customizing everything. There are good platforms and plugins out there that function beautifully. Use them, and save your time, money and energy for running your business.
  • Be trustworthy. You already have good products and/or services, now make sure your customers know you can meet their needs. Lead your industry, prove your worth, and make sure your customers’ information is secure. With position comes responsibility. Be worthy.

And Last but not Least

Design and SEO matter. How the search engines process searches and rank websites matters. This aspect of running an online business can be tricky, so don’t hesitate to get a professional in your corner.

Coalition Technologies is just such a professional. We can review your site and give you a free quote on design, services and campaigns that will improve your traffic flow and click thru rate. We can also hone your brand, identity and advertising until it is fully optimized.

Call us today at 1-888-652-0637 for a free quote. We are sure you will be impressed not only with the design and campaign suggestions we make, but with our rates and proven success records.


Double Your E-Commerce Sales with SEO

We all know that e-commerce SEO is a valuable way to perk up website sales. But seriously? Double it? Man…that would be great.

It’s hard to believe SEO can do all that.

Well it can. It’s been proven time and time again in businesses around the world. E-commerce SEO works and works big!

Sounds Like Some Sort of Website Voodoo

Not really, but of course, a solid working knowledge of website mechanics helps. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking:

• Remember that with e-commerce SEO, customers are looking for products (as opposed to information), so alternatives are crucial. If the product searched for is unavailable for some reason, make sure your site is set up to still help them. No one wants to see a “no search results,” message. Instead, keep your inventory messages helpful, alternate products available, and make sure URLs are up to date.

• Work those category pages. The bigger your site, the harder it will be to have unique content for each product. Put SEO emphasis and development on category pages instead, optimizing them as if they are a landing page.

• Use the public shamelessly. Yes, yes, it sounds awful, but your customers hold a lot of power that you really should tap into. Set up a product review system with stars and comments, and encourage and track both out-going and in-coming social media usage. An active customer base will bring fresh content to your site that helps keep the entire site sharp.

• Make sure the thing functions. It’s one thing to build a good looking e-commerce site, and another entirely to use that site. Click around your site using keyword searches, and see how it does.  If it doesn’t work well for you, it isn’t working for your customers either.

My Friend the Witch Doctor, he Told me What to Do

There are a ton of things that can be done to and with an e-commerce website. A whole lot of behind the scenes tweaking and adjusting and arranging that make a world of difference in your click-thru results, and the nice numbers at the bottom of your monthly P&L.

To be perfectly honest, the majority of this background nuts and bolts work should be hired out to a professional. Unless you are an unusual type of genius, the work will be too technical and take up too much of your time.

Call us. Call Coalition Technologies and ask for help. All those nuts and bolts, those whistles and bells…we do that full time. Read through our customers reviews and see for yourself how much we have helped other people’s e-commerce SEO projects.

If you are building a new site, we can help craft it from its foundation to be fully optimized. If it’s already up and running, we can get it in perfect working order for maximum output.

Call us today at 1-888-652-0637 for a free quote on getting your ecommerce site into high gear.

Forbes’ Top 9 SEO On-Page Must-Haves

When you’re working with a Magento SEO company, you want to make sure their team is keeping up-to-date with the latest successful SEO techniques. As the algorithms that determine which websites Google will recommend change over time, the techniques that lead to successful search engine optimization change too. Google’s algorithms are designed to benefit page users by leading them to the most useful and compelling content. But what does that mean for SEO today? Forbes contributor Jason DeMers has some suggestions for the top nine page features that continue to dominate in today’s SEO world.


Forbes’ Top 9 SEO On-Page Must-Haves

According to DeMers, the most significant SEO-related features that register with both search engines and potential page visitors include:

  • A frequently updated blog

  • Google Authorship integration

  • Optimized URLS

  • Title tags

  • Heading tags

  • Alt image tags

  • Keywords in content

  • Appropriate depth of content

  • Appropriate topical targeting

As these suggestions indicate, there continue to be two main things that your search engine strategy needs to take into account: SEO nuts and bolts and compelling content. Any Magento SEO company that you are considering working with to build the profile of your Magento-based ecommerce site should have a plan for addressing both factors.

Compelling Content is Key to SEO

As Google’s algorithms become more sophisticated, they try to discriminate against SEO that crams keywords without providing added value to the page visitor. According to DeMers, a blog that is updated as regularly as possible with interesting content and images can affect page traffic by more than fifty percent. Additionally, Google is showing signs of moving towards favoring longer pieces of content with more information. Keywords should be integrated into the content in a natural way and spread throughout the page. Don’t be overly focused on keywords, however–instead of repeating the same common keywords, craft content that speaks to a targeted topic in a broader way. Integrating Google Authorship helps bolster the reputation of your content by creating a sense of authority and attracts clicks by displaying your author photo in the search results.


Don’t Forget the Technical Steps

SEO nuts and bolts play a huge part in how Google’s algorithm processes your page. Title tags become clickable text that brings people to your site, so make sure to use your keyword naturally, include your company name at the end, and craft a line that encourages people to click. Provide a clear, single H1 tag describing your main topic to help the search engine determine what your page is about. When you’re writing image tags, keyword optimization is important, but clearly describing what the image depicts is just as important. And URLs with location-based keywords separated by hyphens or dashes get preference.

Working with a Los Angeles Magento SEO Company

If you need assistance improving your Magento e-commerce site’s search engine performance, I’d love to help you out. My company, Coalition Technologies, is an established Los Angeles Magento SEO company that understands how to leverage SEO and the Magento e-commerce architecture to bring you the most traffic and revenue possible. Call us today at (877) 989 – 7187 to tell us about your company and get a free quote.


WordPress Site Maintenance

WordPress has become one of the most important content management systems on the web, and it’s more than likely that your business uses WordPress for at least part of its online infrastructure. If you do use WordPress, however, don’t make the mistake of setting it up and leaving it alone forever. WordPress systems require regular maintenance. The specific details of the WordPress maintenance your site requires vary depending on individual characteristics, but you can work out a custom plan with the WordPress SEO company that helps you run your site. There are a few WordPress maintenance tasks that are universal, however. Luckily, as long as you make the time to do them, they are relatively easy to perform.

Key WordPress Site Maintenance Tasks


If you want to keep your WordPress site running securely and smoothly, these are the primary tasks you need to be aware of:

  • Regularly backing up your database

  • Monitoring your plugins

  • Be careful with WordPress software updates

  • Perform basic housekeeping tasks regularly

Backing up the Database

WordPress sites create a MySQL database that holds every single piece of content and comment on your website. Regularly backing up the database ensures you never lose content when something goes wrong that is out of your control. If you don’t want to have to remember to perform regular backups, there are plugins available that will backup the database regularly on their own.

Monitoring Your Plugins


Speaking of plugins, it’s important to keep track of all the plugins you are using and how they are affecting your site’s performance. Plugins are great because they are easy to swap in and out in order to change the features of your site, but it’s important to make sure that you’re using well coded plugins. You also want to be sure that you don’t use too many of them. As your WordPress SEO company will probably tell you, however, the more plugins you feature on your site, the slower it will be. And a slow website can get hit with heavy penalties in search engine results. So pick and choose your features carefully.

Be Careful with WordPress Software Updates

While updates to the WordPress software can improve your site’s features and increase security, upgrading can have unanticipated negative effects on your site, so approach all upgrades with caution and make sure to run everything in a test environment first to avoid a disastrous relaunch. Often, your best bet is to avoid doing the WordPress upgrade yourself and let your WordPress SEO company or someone else with the technical expertise handle the upgrade.

Perform Regular Housekeeping

Housekeeping will improve your site’s usefulness to visitors, keep it running smoothly, and even make a difference in search engine rankings. Some tasks you should perform frequently:

  • Check for broken links and low quality inbound links

  • Delete spam comments

  • Remove inactive themes and plugins

  • Delete duplicate/unused images and files

  • Change passwords

If you’re looking for a WordPress SEO company, give the team at Coalition Technologies a call at (877) 989-7817 to find out more about our services. We’re happy to provide a free quote.


What is Negative SEO?

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Google search controls the vast majority of information flow online. For a company to succeed online, it needs to get a favorable PageRank from Google. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be very hard for the desired customer base to find it. But not all SEO, or search engine optimization, is good SEO. After companies developed a variety of tricks for manipulating their rankings in the Google algorithm, Google struck back, reconfiguring their algorithm to make sure that searchers are getting quality results by penalizing cheap SEO tactics. This rise of “negative SEO” means that a lot has changed in the SEO world, and you need to make sure that any search engine optimization agency your company works with is up to date.

What are the Types of Negative SEO

There are three main kinds of negative SEO that can hurt a company’s place in Google’s PageRank algorithm.

  • Sabotage SEO: Now that it’s easier to create search engine penalties than to use SEO to boost a page’s rank, some companies have chosen to devote their SEO energy to creating bad SEO for their competitors.

  • Spam SEO: Spam websites can build toxic links to your company without you ever knowing it. It’s essential to monitor your link quality to prevent this from happening.

  • Internal Negative SEO: This is probably the most common type of negative SEO, and it happens because companies and unsavvy SEO agencies have failed to adjust their tactics to the new algorithms continuing to build cheap links, for example, working with link farms designed to trick search engines, that penalize the site’s PageRank.

Avoiding Negative SEO Penalties


The best way to avoid the risks of negative SEO is to create a website that is valuable to your desired customer base. Carefully monitor your company’s link profile and deal with spam and toxic in-links that can have a devastating effect on your rankings. But most importantly, don’t engage in manipulative and outdated SEO tactics. Successful SEO today is characterized by compelling content creation and effective brand building matched with appropriate levels of SEO. If you’re using keywords, make sure that the articles they are in provide valuable information.

A search engine optimization agency can help you build an SEO profile that will positively affect your brand’s PageRank. But you should always exercise caution when choosing which search engine optimization agency to work with. It is shocking how many SEO firms have not updated their work patterns to current best practices in SEO. Working with one of these irresponsible companies can hurt your business and waste your time and money.

Coalition Technologies Can Help With Your SEO


At Coalition Technologies, my search engine optimization agency, we are committed to helping clients build SEO cache in positive and responsible ways. We help our clients craft compelling content that brings value to their customers, as well as ensures that your backlink profile is constantly monitored and full of healthy links instead of toxic ones. If you’re interested in learning more about how a quality search engine optimization agency can help you, call us today at (877) 989-7187 to get a free quote.

Top 3 Design Trends of 2014

The first step of having a successful web presence is getting eyeballs to your site, but once they’ve arrived, you have to keep them there. To keep visitors on your site you need compelling content, but design plays a big part too. People make a snap judgement about the quality of your website based on its appearance, so you need to make sure that it’s in step with current design trends. Whether you’re working with a Los Angeles design agency or not, these are three trends you need to be aware of in 2014.


Responsive Design


Responsive design has recently become the standard for business web presence. If you don’t have a responsive design, it will actually affect your Google page ranking and make it harder to attract visitors through search. Responsive design means that your website adapts to the device it is being accessed from–smartphone, tablet, or desktop–and presents an experience that is appropriate for that screen without feeling like any design elements have been compromised. Responsive design can be a real challenge, and it’s one reason that many small businesses in Southern California turn to a Los Angeles design agency for help building their online presence.


Simple Design


Simplicity means that websites should be easy for visitors to navigate, providing what they need in an appropriately accessible and smooth manner. You need elegant navigation, evocative images, and compelling content that is simple without being generic. Your Los Angeles design agency should have plenty of experience with the design elements that are working, and present a few different options that will present the best possible customer experience. Unique, clean designs are the future.


Storytelling Design


Narrative is a powerful tool, and it’s a hugely important way to reach your desired customer base. If you can make your website tell a story using copy that is concise and intriguing and features powerful imagery. It’s a great way to introduce people to what your company is all about. Effective storytelling is a real challenge for every designer and company, but it’s entirely worth the effort. Connecting with potential customers on their personal terms is one of the best ways to forge long lasting relationships and brand loyalty. One good reason to work with a designer while you’re developing your company’s story is that they can step outside of your ideas and identify what aspects of your business will connect best with people who know nothing about your company to begin with.


Choosing a Los Angeles Design Agency


If you’re looking for a company in Southern California that can help you handle the design of your online presence, consider my company, Coalition Technologies. In addition to web design, we can help you with branding and search engine optimization to drive up your traffic and revenue. If you’re interested in finding out more about what our consulting team can do for you, call our Los Angeles design agency at (877) 989-7187 to get a free quote and prepare to build up your company for tomorrow.