Howlings of a Jackal

Had drinks with an old friend, Rachelle, yesterday. We met at Barca on Capitol Hill for a martini and a talk about her writing and “epic dreams”. Later we moved to Quinn’s and feasted on frog’s legs and salad. My Bloody Mary was not a good idea in combination with the spiciness of the toad’s hindquarters, but trying new things isn’t always a blast.… read more “Howlings of a Jackal”

How to Create a Table In SQL Server Management Studio

One of the most basic functions in SQL Server Management Studio is creating a table for your database.‚  Below, I have displayed a piece of sample code that you can copy & paste, then customize to create your own table in SQL Server Management Studio.

Create Table Sample

— Create Table is the syntax used to make your table.… read more “How to Create a Table In SQL Server Management Studio”

Gorilla Marketing

Today, I’m going to talk about one of my earliest childhood lessons in the advertising field: gorilla marketing.‚  Literally, gorilla marketing… you thought I misspelled guerrilla marketing didn’t you?

Ivan the Gorilla lived for 27 years in the now shut down B & I Shopping Mall in Tacoma, WA.‚  I remember visiting the mall and watching Ivan the Gorilla in his enclosure.‚ … read more “Gorilla Marketing”

Socialism in America- Definition of Socialism and Socialists in Schools

At a recent dinner I had an interesting conversation with an American schoolteacher about economics and politics and eventually discovered that she was a socialist. Since I wanted everyone to enjoy the dinner, I didn’t ask her more questions to find out the depth of her socialism knowledge or if she understood the effects socialist principles have on a nation.… read more “Socialism in America- Definition of Socialism and Socialists in Schools”

Funny Police Demotivational Poster

Found this funny police demotivational poster and thought I would share it with you guys.  The police are certainly enjoying themselves a little bit too much on the job here.

If you look at the relevant links below, you will see that I have a massive collection of demotivational posters (and more police demotivational posters!). Click through them to laugh at the funny motivational posters for hours!

Civic Knowledge Test

I found an interesting civic knowledge test.‚ Apparently, the average public servant scores lower than the average citizen.

I scored an 81% (27 out of 33).

I thought a few of the questions were BS, especially question 33 & 15.‚  I won’t tell you what they are though before you take the test.

How did you score?

Tenderloin, Swiss Potato Casserole and Herb Roasted Carrots & Onions

I cooked up a huge tenderloin for our monday night dinner last night.‚  On the side I served swiss potato casserole (which rocked) and herb roasted carrots and onions.‚  Everyone in attendance loved it (Ian, Di, Ben, Plato, NIck).‚  Very good times, but now I have a ton of cleaning to do.‚  At least I have some leftover swiss cheese potato casserole!

Good Article on Stock Market
Read that article.‚  Very good information on why the stock market is now back to where it should be (though it will probably continue to irrationally swing down a bit more before coming back up and stabilizing).
“The stock market crash has been big. The US S&P 500 index is 52% off its high, the largest percentage drop since 1937.… read more “Good Article on Stock Market”